Ballinacarriga Castle

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Ballinacarriga Castle
Native name Béal Átha na Carraige
Ballinacarriga Castle.jpg
Ballinacarriga Castle
Location Dunmanway, County Cork, Ireland
Coordinates 51°42′21″N 9°1′54″W / 51.70583°N 9.03167°W / 51.70583; -9.03167Coordinates: 51°42′21″N 9°1′54″W / 51.70583°N 9.03167°W / 51.70583; -9.03167
Built c. 1585
Reference no. 425[1]

Ballinacarriga Castle (Béal Átha na Carraige in Irish, meaning Ford Mouth of the Rock) is a 16th-century tower houselocated in the village of Ballinacarriga, about 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) from the town of Dunmanway in western County Cork, Ireland, between Ballineen and Dunmanway.[2]

Sheela Na Gig[edit]

The castle has a Sheela Na Gig on the eastern side, roughly at the half way point.

Sheela Na Gig photographed on Ballinacarriga Castle, Dunmanway, Co. Cork, Ireland 51°42′21″N 9°1′54″W

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