Bang Kho Laem District

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Bang Kho Laem

The waterfront promenade at Asiatique
Khet location in Bangkok
Khet location in Bangkok
Coordinates: 13°41′36″N 100°30′9″E / 13.69333°N 100.50250°E / 13.69333; 100.50250Coordinates: 13°41′36″N 100°30′9″E / 13.69333°N 100.50250°E / 13.69333; 100.50250
SeatBang Kho Laem
Khet establishedNovember 9, 1989
 • Total10.921 km2 (4.217 sq mi)
 • Total89,358[1]
 • Density8,182.21/km2 (21,191.8/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
Postal code

Bang Kho Laem (Thai: บางคอแหลม, pronounced [bāːŋ kʰɔ̄ː lɛ̌ːm]) is one of the 50 districts (khet) of Bangkok, Thailand. The district is bounded by (clockwise from north) Sathon, Yannawa, and across the Chao Phraya River, Rat Burana, Thon Buri and Khlong San districts.


Bang Kho Laem was formerly a part of amphoe Ban Thawai in Phra Pradaeng Province.

Ban Thawai was later reassigned to Phra Nakhon Province, and renamed amphoe Yan Nawa. When Phra Nakhon and Thon Buri were combined into a single province in 1972, the names of administrative units in the newly combined capital were changed from amphoe and tambon to district (khet) and sub-district (khwaeng). Thus, amphoe Yan Nawa (อำเภอยานนาวา) became khet Yan Nawa (เขตยานนาวา).

Due to population increases, on 18 April 1989, Yan Nawa Branch 2 (Khwaeng Bang Kho Laem) was established as a second administrative unit within the Yan Nawa District, overseeing three sub-districts: Bang Kho Laem, Wat Phraya Krai, and Bang Khlo. It became a separate district on 9 November 1989, called Bang Kho Laem.


The district is divided into three sub-districts (khwaeng).

1. Bang Kho Laem  บางคอแหลม
2. Wat Phraya Krai วัดพระยาไกร
3. Bang Khlo บางโคล่


Important streets in the district include:

Secondary streets in the district include:

  • Sut Prasoet Road
  • Chalaem Nimit Road
  • Charoen Krung 85 and Sut Prasoet 9 (Soi Ban Mai)
  • Charoen Krung 107, Charoen Rat 7, and Charoen Rat 10 (Soi Pradu 1)
  • Charoen Rat 5, Charoen Rat 5 Yaek 4, Charoen Rat 7 Yaek 7, and Charoen Rat 8 (Soi Yu Di)
  • Chan 43 (Soi Wat Phai Ngoen)
  • Sathu Pradit 12 (Soi Thawi Sit)
  • Charoen Rat 7 Yaek 35 (Soi Rat Uthit 1)

Asiatique is a famous open-air night shopping mall in Bangkok.


Shrewsbury International School is in the district.


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