Bara Bandai

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Bara Bandai
Union Council & village
بره بانډۍ
برہ بانڈئی
Country  Pakistan
Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
District Swat
 • District Councler & Tehsil councler Falak Naz & Riaz Ahmed
 • Total 6 km2 (2 sq mi)
Population (2009)
 • Total 34,626
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Website Bandai

Bara Bandai (Urdu: برہ بانڈئی‎; Pashto: بره بانډۍ‎) is a village in Pakistan, known as an area crossed by Alexander The Great during his invasion. Ashfaq khan is nazim & Rahmat Ali is naib nazim of VC bara bandai 2• The people of village Bara Bandai belong to subsection Naikpikhel of Yusufzai the biggest and largest tribe of Pashtun or Pakhtun tribes. It is one of the Provincially Administered Tribal Areas (PATA) of Pakistan. The village contains a small series of mountains and a forest, residential area starting from meadows of mountainsand merge with river swat on his right bank, a village market, vast land for crops, number of springs and canals, and a part of the Swat river. Mountains of the village include Usmani Sar, Kafar Ghat and Najia Top.


The village was named by Yusufzai Pakhtuns after revolting against the Sultans of Swat the Jahangeeris of Swati tribe and capturing it. The name Bara means "Upper" and Bandai means "Meadow", hence was named Bara Bandai due to its locality. On the West side of Bara Bandai is the neighbouring village Kuza Bandai which means The Lower Meadow. The names were basically given by their greenery, comparing the distances of both villages from Mingora the main city of Swat Valley, and by comparing their distances from the upper mountainous areas of Swat such as Kalam and Bahrain. The ancient names of these villages are not known as they are just mentioned by locations in old times books and scripts.


Bara Bandai is about 8 Kilometers away from Mingawara or Mingoara, the main city of Swat Valley and 10 Kilometers from Saidu Sharif the Capital of the Yousufzai State of Swat (Princely State). Situated on the left bank (North side) of Suvastu or The River Swat and is important and one of the large village of Nikpikhel. Nikpikhel is a sub tribe of Yousufzai and their area stretches in North to Godamanai bordering directly with Dir district, Ningolai is on the East, Dadahara and Shamozai on the West. On the South side of Nikpikhel is The River Swat ([Suvastu]). Bara Bandai is about 80 Kilometers from Kalam, the famous tourist spot of North Pakistan. Bara Bandai comes under the PK-83 constituency of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Assembly and NA-29 constituency of National Assembly of Pakistan.

The area's postal code is 19201.


The village residential areas are divided into sub units called as Chams (Pashto: چم) or Mohallah. Some of the major sub units are.

  • Morragai (Miangano Cham)
  • Hafiz Baba
  • Kotkay
  • Sarkhana
  • shadokhel
  • Awdal Khel
  • Nasar Khel
  • Bazar
  • Chapolo (related to chapolo masjid which names after the tribe lived there called as "chapolo miagan")
  • Saidu Bibi (named after the aunt of Wali Swat lived there. She was from Saidu Sharif and belongs to Royal family of swat).
  • Matra.
  • Sarhad Colony.
  • Warsaky.
  • Ali khan khail



Total population of village Bara Bandai is 34626 (projected population 2009), 18006 males and 16220 females having registered voters above 5 thousands, which makes it one of the largest villages in the Swat valley. There are number of sub-tribes (clans) of Yusufzais living in the village. Some names of the tribes are Miagan, Awdal Khel, Nasar Khel, Shado Khel, Adam khel, Bucha Khel, Ajo Khel, Mandanr, Bara Khan Khel, alikhan khel, and some of occupational tribes.


The village consist of 1 high, 3 govt boys primary schools and 1 middle govt school for girls along with a number of schools in private sector.


Bara Bandai has his own Basic Health Unit (BHU), many clinical laboratories and number of clinics in private sector which provide health facilities to the village people.


The weather of the village is cold in the winter season and moderate during summer. Snowfall is also known to occur here in winter.[citation needed]


The village climate made it favorable for many crops and fruits.[citation needed] The village not only fulfill their own need but also supply its product to other areas. Among these onion and peach are common produce.[citation needed]


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