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Coordinates: 38°50′39.5″N 77°18′26.5″W / 38.844306°N 77.307361°W / 38.844306; -77.307361 The Barbour House is an early 20th-century mansion in Fairfax, Virginia.[1] It takes its name from its prominent owner, John Strode Barbour.[1][2] Barbour House is located at 4069 Chain Bridge Road.[1]


Barbour House was the residence of John Strode Barbour (10 August 1866 – 6 May 1952),[2][3] a prominent American newspaper editor, lawyer, mayor, and statesman.[2] Barbour was a scion of the Barbour political family.[2][3] During the Barbours' ownership, the Barbour House was the center of Fairfax social life.[1]

When the estate of Barbour's widow, Mary B. Grimsley Barbour, was in administration, the Barbour House was being scheduled for demolition so that the property could be developed.[1] McCandlish and Lillard law firm bought the house and moved it to a parcel of the estate fronting on Payne Street (which was renamed Chain Bridge Road).[1] William Patram, a well-known building mover, transported Barbour House 100 yards to its new site.[1]


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