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Commune de Barumbu
Barumbu on a map of Kinshasa communes
Barumbu on a map of Kinshasa communes
Kinshasa city-province on a map of the DRC
Kinshasa city-province on a map of the DRC
Coordinates: 04°19′01″S 15°19′40″E / 4.31694°S 15.32778°E / -4.31694; 15.32778Coordinates: 04°19′01″S 15°19′40″E / 4.31694°S 15.32778°E / -4.31694; 15.32778[1]
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Province Kinshasa
District Lukunga
 • Total 4.72 km2 (1.82 sq mi)
Population (2004 est.)
 • Total 150,319
 • Density 32,000/km2 (82,000/sq mi)

Barumbu is a municipality (commune) in the Lukunga district of Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.[2]

It is situated in the north of Kinshasa, south of Gombe and the Boulevard du 30 Juin. Barumbu is historically significant because it developed along with the old town of Kinshasa, into the modern city Kinshasa, and formerly Léopoldville.


The Régie des Voies Aériennes de la République Démocratique du Congo has its head office in the Ndolo neighbourhood of Barumbu.[3]


The airline Air Kasaï had its head office on the property of N'Dolo Airport in Barumbu.[4]

When it operated, Hewa Bora Airways had its head office in Barumbu.[5]


Historical population of Barumbu
Year 1967 1970 1984 2003 2004
Population 44,900 59,553 69,147 145,370 150,319


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