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Baseball Digest
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Editor Bob Kuenster (May 2012)
Frequency 6 per year
First issue  1942 (1942-month)
Company Grandstand Publishing, LLC
Country United States
Based in Evanston, Illinois
Language English
ISSN 0005-609X

Baseball Digest is a baseball magazine resource, published in Evanston, Illinois by Grandstand Publishing, LLC. It is the oldest and longest-running baseball magazine in the United States.

It was created by Herbert F. Simons, a sportswriter for the Chicago Daily Times, in 1942. Simons first published the magazine in August 1942, and served as its editor-in-chief until 1963. In 1981, Joan Whaley was published as its first female contributor.

After publishing on a monthly schedule, it scaled back to eight and then later six times a year (Jan./Feb., Mar./Apr., May/June, Jul./Aug., Sep./Oct., Nov./Dec.)—with National and American League schedules, directories, and pre-season rosters—the magazine provides insights on Major League Baseball history and on current stars, often from one-on-one interviews. In June 2009, a letter to readers in the magazine advised that only six issues per year would be published.

In March 2012, Baseball Digest merged with professional scouting service ProScouting.[1] This merger brought together Baseball Digest‍ '​s expertise in fan-level publishing with ProScouting’s depth of professional scouting experience just in time for Baseball Digest‍ '​s 70th Anniversary issue September 4, 2012. The relaunch included major changes to the magazine's format including being published in full-color for the first time, nearly double the editorial content including professional scouting reports by veteran MLB scouts, and a significant increase in newsstand availability.

Other features include batting, pitching and fielding statistics, a "fans speak out" letters section, a "Baseball Profile" of one player, trivia questions in a Quick Quiz, previews, rules review, a crossword puzzle, and analysis of upcoming prospects. In addition, Baseball Digest provides season-ending features on its All-Star rookie team along with player and pitcher of the year ratings.

Its longtime editor, John Kuenster died on April 2, 2012.[2]

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