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Junior Chamber International Basilan Inc.
JCIBasilan Logo.jpg
Founded January 11, 1949
Founder Dr. Isidro Sta. Elena
Type Service / NGO
Focus Individual, Community, International, Business
Origins St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Area served
Basilan Province
Method Community service
25 regular
Key people
Local Organization President JCI Mem. Ma. Yzabelle Sigrid Yu-Tang
Secretary General JCI Mem. Christopher Rey Diaz
600 alumni
Slogan We Believe. We Can. Be Better

Junior Chamber International – Basilan Inc. (Philippines), otherwise known as the Basilan Jaycees, extended on January 11, 1949 by JCI Manila and JCI Zamboanga, registered under the Laws of the Republic of the Philippines with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as the Junior Chamber of Basilan City, Inc. on August 26, 1965, is an affiliate of Junior Chamber International Philippines, Inc. (JCIP) and Junior Chamber International (JCI), A Worldwide Federation of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs.


Currently a Category III LOM with 32 registered members-in-good-standing (2014).

2015 Board of Directors

  • Engr. Jhul Kifli L. Salliman, Chairman
  • Jayson Pia Arcan, Member
  • Christopher Rey Diaz, Member
  • Jennyvie Penaflor, Member
  • Dr. Arnel Hajan, Member
  • Nicko Nino Sarael, Member
  • January Zanoria, Member
  • Engr. Michael Hayawan, Member
  • Jerome Jaquilmac, BOD Secretary
  • Joel Zanoria, Member
  • Maria Izabelle Sigrid Yu-Tang, Member

2015 Officers

  • Engr. Jhul Kifli L. Salliman, President
  • Jayson Pia Arcan, Immediate Past President
  • Christopher Rey Diaz, Executive Vice President
  • Jennyvie Penaflor, Vice President - Health & Wellness
  • Dr. Arnel Hajan, Vice President - Education and Economic Improvement
  • Nicko Nino Sarael, Vice President - Environmental Sustainability
  • January Zanoria, Vice President - Global Partnerships
  • Engr. Michael Hayawan, Treasurer
  • Jerome Jaquilmac, Secretary General
  • Joel Zanoria, Local Training Director
  • Maria Izabelle Sigrid Yu-Tang, General Legal Counsel
  • Pilar A. Raga, Assistant Secretary General
  • Francis Joseph Tan, Assistant Treasurer


The Basilan Jaycee Clubhouse is currently located at Isabela City, Basilan 7300



"From within the walls of the soul of this organization, where in the foundation of character and citizenship are laid, we hope a message will come forth in the sometime of tomorrow that will stir the people toward the establishment of a permanent and everlasting world peace."


The purpose of JCI shall be to contribute to the advancement of the global community by providing the opportunity for young people to develop the leadership skills, social responsibility, entrepreneurship and fellowship necessary to create positive change.

Values (The JCI Creed)[1]

We believe:

That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;

That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;

That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;

That government should be of laws rather than of men;

That earth's great treasure lies in human personality;

And that service to humanity is the best work of life.

JCI Prayer

We reaffirm Our Conviction that Faith in God gives Meaning and Purpose to Human Life.

May the Lord Guide us in all Our Undertakings. Amen.

Fair Basilan

Official Anthem of the Basilan Jaycees Adopted as the Official Anthem of Basilan Province (1973)

Music and Lyrics by Tranquilino Gregorio

Originally Sung by the U.P. Madrigal Singers with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, and conducted by National Artist Lucrecia Kasilag

A Project of JCI Basilan Inc.

Oh, Fair Basilan

Where the Winds Gently Blow;

And the sweet scented whisp'ring breeze

Sets hearts aglow.

Land bathed in moonlight

Watched by wandering stars;

You're a haven of pure delight

Filled with music of guitars.


We'll love you more each day

Oh, Pearl so bright,so rare

your beauty all can see

Is far beyond compare.

Oh, Fair Basilan!

Islands we all adore

May your people live happily

Forever more.

(Repeat Chorus)

The treasure islands of the Southern Sea,

Basilan, our joy, you'll ever be...


Basilan Junior Chamber of Commerce[edit]

Charter Induction of the Basilan Junior Chamber of Commerce, December 11, 1949 at the old Basilan City Hall Courtyard; Middle and Bottom photos: Basilan Jaycees delegation at the 1950 Manila World Congress)

The Basilan Junior Chamber of Commerce was organized on January 11, 1949 in a Joint Chapter Extension Project of the Manila and Zamboanga Jaycees. It included some of Basilan’s most active and civic-minded personalities in law, public service, medicine and business at the outset. Its Charter President (1949–1950), Dr. Isidro Sta. Elena, eventually became JCP Regional Vice President for Northern Mindanao in 1951-1952. National President Joaquin V. Gonzalez flew in from Manila to witness the induction of the Chapter’s 3rd President (1951), Judge Doroteo de Guzman. 4th President (1952), Dr. Alejandro C. Infante, founder of the Infante Hospital in Isabela City, was the longest-serving Adviser of the Chapter, whose service to the organization spanned over 50 years, until his demise in 2007. He was followed by a succession of able young Presidents who steered the Chapter in its early years. Prominent businessmen Amado Borja (1953), Thomas Ba Leong (1953), Carlos F. Tan (1955), and Judge Francisco S. Atilano (1955) were among the pioneers of this intrepid group of young leaders who invested the Chapter with a strong foundation based on an enduring vision of leadership and service to the community.

The 8th President (1957), Retired Supreme Court Associate Justice Regino C. Hermosisima, Jr., and current 3-term Regular Member of the Judicial and Bar Council,[2] now in his early 90s, also became a JCP Regional Vice President for Northern Mindanao (1954–1955). He presided over the controversial Aquino-Galman Double Murder Case in 1983. He has since retired from the Supreme Court, but has remained active in civic affairs as the Honorary National Chairman of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) of the Philippines. He was followed by the Chapter’s first elected two-termer, Emilio Lim (1958 & 1959) and then by Atty. Laurencio Saavedra (1960 & 1961) who also served two terms, Ricardo Madayag (1962), and then by Judge Cesar S. Principe (1963).

Junior Chamber of Basilan City, Inc.[edit]

The Chapter was officially registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on August 26, 1965, as the Junior Chamber of Basilan City, Inc., during the term of its 13th President (1964 & 1965), also a two-termer, and who likewise became the first JCI Senator of the Chapter, JCI Sen. Simplicio A. Bonifacio. He then went on to become a JCP Regional Vice President for Southern Mindanao (1968). A local politician, he served in the Basilan Provincial Board for three-terms before retiring in the early 1990s. He was followed by fellow lawyers Selso Manzanaris (1966) and Ricardo G. Mon (1967), who was on his third term as a City Councilor by the time he took over administration of the Chapter.

The organization became a force in local politics towards the late 1960s, when young politicians started to quickly fill up its ranks. Often split into two main opposing Liberal (LP) and Nacionalista (NP) wings, the organization mirrored the realities of local politics, serving as the most prestigious training ground for young politicians in the local arena. Chapter elections were hotly contested and these rivalries and factions were soon reflected in the floors of the Basilan City Council throughout the rest of the decade, well into the early years of the 1970s. As the organization continued to attract the sons of local political families of Basilan, this same period saw oppositionist young Turks take control of the Chapter. Being young themselves, Presidents Reynaldo Martinez (1968), Armando L. Salvador (1969), and Quirico Tan (1970) worked closely with opposition stalwart and 6-term Basilan City Mayor Leroy S. Brown in denouncing the increasingly difficult situation that unfolded in Manila and Mindanao. By then, Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos' once popular administration seemed to unravel by the day, kicking off with the bloody Jabidah Massacre, followed by the Moro Uprising of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), and then finally by the increasingly violent student-led First Quarter Storm militant street actions in 1969.

Responding to the need for the Chapter to touch-base with Basilan’s core Muslim constituencies, even as the Nur Misuari-led secessionist movement continued to wreak havoc in the countryside, the members elected its first Muslim President (1971) in the person of a young Ulbert Ulama Tugung, a learned scholar and respected public servant who became a JCP Regional Vice President for Southern Mindanao (1977). He was ultimately appointed by Pres. Corazon C. Aquino to be the first Regional Governor of the Lupong Tagapagpaganap ng Pook (LTP) or the Regional Administration for Western Mindanao and Sulu. Sadly, his exemplary leadership was cut short by an assassin’s bullet. His wife, Jayceerette PP Elnorita Pamaran Tugung, was appointed LTP Regional Governor at his death, and went on to win as Congresswoman of Basilan in 1992-1995. He was followed by NP party member JCI Sen. Aniceto G. Mon (1972) the twin brother of the Chapter's 15th President, Ricardo Mon.

Then on December 21, 1972, Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos declared Martial Law and promptly placed Basilan City under a Military Government, presided over by Col. Tomas G. Nanquil, Jr., then the Brigade Commander of 24th Infantry Brigade stationed in Basilan, and then by Gen. Romulo Espaldon, Commanding Officer of the Philippine Armed Forces' Southern Command. Basilan City, long a haven of Marcos oppositionists, was summarily abolished and replaced by the Province of Basilan as embodied in Presidential Decree No. 356 signed on December 27, 1973. Ten Municipalities were initially carved out of Basilan City through P.D. 593 promulgated on December 2, 1974.

Atty. Ricardo G. Mon, who was Chapter President in 1967, was appointed as the first Mayor of Isabela Municipality. At around this time, the Basilan Jayceerettes made its glamorous presence known. A series of socio-civic projects were conducted by the wives of the Jaycees as they promoted advocacies which ranged from a variety of environmental concerns to education and community health.

The 24th President (1973), JCI Sen. Louis W. Alano, scion of one of Basilan’s most enduring and respected families, started the first of what eventually came to be three terms at the helm of the Chapter.

Silver Jubilee[edit]

Basilan Jaycees Bowling Tournament, 1975

The Chapter celebrated its Silver Jubilee under the administration of its 25th President (1974) Dr. Edgardo Eustaquio, a public servant and health practitioner, one of the founders of the Basilan Community Hospital and a three-term City Councilor of Isabela City. He was followed by 26th President (1975), local business taipan JCI Sen. Yu Chi Han, whose lasting legacy of forging deeper ties between the Chapter and the local business community strengthened the Jaycees more so because the political situation deteriorated further as Basilan’s highlands was transformed into a combat zone where the military staged running gun-battles with the MNLF and isolated bandit groups, the “black shirts” or “munduhin” as they came to be romantically called. Also, as the countryside was rent asunder by a total breakdown in the peace and order, right-wing vigilante groups such as the Ilonggo-based “ilaga” and the Chavacano-Bisaya “mundo oscurro” rose up from nowhere and started to give the Muslim communities tit-for-tat.

Basilan Jaycees, Inc.[edit]

In the midst of the seeming chaos, the Chapter evolved once again, officially changing its name to the Basilan Jaycees, Inc., during the incumbency of the 27th (1976) and 28th (1977) President, JCI Sen. Fernando S. Cariaga, the first in a line of educators and faithful church workers, whose steady management of the Chapter’s affairs gave it a much-needed breather from all the politics which threatened to pull the chapter apart. A surprising economic upturn, engendered by the Marcos administration’s many infrastructure projects and programs, gave the Chapter and the Basileños a healthy respite from the incessant conflict that bugged the island.

What followed were some of the most active years of the Jaycees, led by JCI Sen. Kieck Seng Tan (1978) under whose able leadership the very first batch of Lady Jaycees were inducted, JCI Sen. Roque C. Tan (1979), and then again by JCI Sen. Louis W. Alano (1980), Engr. Tahir I. Latip (1981), currently Basilan's Provincial Engineer and the second Muslim to be elected President, Napoleon P. Yu (1982), and then for a third time, again by JCI Sen. Louis W. Alano (1983) wherein the Jaycees initiated the creation of political action committees and associations such as the Concerned Citizens’ Aggrupation (CCA) which gathered the local community in indignation rallies against the Marcos dictatorship immediately after the assassination of Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr., as well as organized an Operation Quick Count for the 1986 Snap Elections, in close coordination with the National Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL). For this, he was eventually appointed by President Corazon C. Aquino as the OIC Governor of Basilan Province upon her accession in 1986. Currently, he is the Deputy Governor for Christian Affairs of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).

The 35th (1984) and 36th President (1985), also a two-termer, was Atty. Alvin G. Dans, a scion of yet another of the most established families in Basilan. He was eventually elected Mayor of the Municipality of Isabela for two terms, Governor of the Province of Basilan, and Congressman of the Lone District of the Basilan, appointed by Pres. Fidel V. Ramos as Undersecretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC), he eventually became the Postmaster General of the Philippine Post Office. His wife, Jayceerette Past President Athena Dans is a Commissioner of the Bureau of Customs. He was followed by the 37th President (1986), Perfecto C. Antonio, Jr., a three-termer in the Provincial Board of Basilan Province. The 38th President (1987), Nonito T. Ramirez, was the Secretary of the Isabela City Council for some time.

Junior Chamber of Basilan, Inc.[edit]

Basilan Jaycees Bingo Bonanza 1997

The name of the Chapter was reverted to Junior Chamber of Basilan, Inc., under the auspices of the 39th (1988) and 40th President (1989) JCI Sen. Benedicto N. Peñaflor, following the JCI amendments during the World Congress in Taipei, Republic of China. He was followed by the 41st (1990) and 42nd President (1991), Michael M. Manapol, the Isabela City Tourism Officer from 1998 to 2007. A succession of able Presidents and leaders handled the Chapter in the 1990s, even as the ugly head of the Abu Sayyaf stole international headlines and totally re-wrote Basilan’s image here and abroad. The Chapter owes its existence in these most troubled times to the grit and temerity of Edgardo P. Ferrer (1992), well-connected businessman and entrepreneur, Rogelio J. Francisco (1993) an accomplished investment banker under whose term the Basilan Taguima Junior Jaycees was organized, Judge Danilo M. Bucoy (1994), the brave Regional Trial Court Judge who sentenced captured Abu Sayyaf terrorists to death, and the back-to-back two-termers Carlos F. Luy (1995 & 1996) and Edgar R. Suson (1997 & 1998).

Golden Anniversary[edit]

It is particularly remarkable to note, however, that it took the Chapter all of half a century since its inception, and 20 years since its first female member was inducted, to finally elect its very first Lady President. The chapter’s 50th President (1999) JCI Sen. Laura W. Alano, was likewise elected National Vice President for Western Mindanao (2000). She was awarded ‘Most Outstanding National Vice President for Area V in 2000’ and is the first Lady JCI Senator of the chapter. She was followed by JCI Mem. Ma. Theresa M. Alano (2000), who was appointed by Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as Assistant Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) charged with Christian-Muslim Affairs and Mindanao in general, and then by JCI Mem. Tita Orbecido-Tan (2001), also a teacher, who spearheaded the creation of Junior Jaycee Chapters in Basilan. The 53rd President (2002), JCI Mem. Reymond E. Bicariato, was the Administrator of the Philippine National Red Cross – Basilan Chapter during his incumbency and organized relief efforts and extended aid, also with the assistance of the Jaycees, to the hostages of the Abu Sayyaf kidnapping spree of 2001-2002, forging lasting ties with the troops in the US-RP Balikatan 02-1 Joint Military Exercises. Our 54th President (2003), JCI Mem. Svetlana E. C. Sanchez, daughter of JCI Sen. Fernando Cariaga, signaled the generational shift in the chapter’s long history as the Baby Boomers eventually handed over control of the Chapter to succeeding generations of JCI Members.

Junior Chamber International Basilan Inc. & JCI Basileña[edit]

2006 National Vice President for Western Mindanao JCI Mem. Jaime J. A. Rivera (Back row, 1st from the left) being inducted together with JCI Philippines Inc. National Board Members during the Ceremonial Oath Taking, Malacanang Palace, Manila, January 27, 2006, with H.E. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, President of the Republic of the Philippines as Inducting Officer

Yet another page in the Chapter’s history was finally turned as, following the JCI Corporate Identity Program approved at the 2003 World Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Chapter’s name was officially changed to Junior Chamber International – Basilan Inc., during the incumbency of the 55th President (2004), JCI Mem. Jaime J. A. Rivera. He was elected National Vice President for Western Mindanao for 2006. He is the Chapter’s first JCIP Academy and PRIME Graduate (Davao 2004), as well as Certified Local Trainer duly accredited by JCI University, his term has been characterized by a closer coordination with local government units, greater synergy with the business sector, and renewed ties with other Jaycee Chapters. He likewise won the "Most Outstanding National Vice President Award of Recognition" at the 2006 JCI Philippines National Convention held in Subic, Zambales on October 2006, and was appointed National Chairman of the Voice of Philippine Democracy project, as well as National Adviser of the Philippine Junior Jaycees, Inc. in 2007. The 56th President (2005) JCI Mem. Nuayme “Indah” M. Sangkula, hails from the prodigious Sangkula Clan of Sulu, and is also a teacher, the third Muslim President of the chapter. The flagship "Miss Isabela Earth Pageant" was held during this term, with the winner - Miss Bernadette Estrada (Tantoco) - carrying the Miss Western Mindanao - Earth title and reaching the semi-finals in the Miss Philippines-Earth 2005 in Manila. JCI Basilan Inc. likewise hosted the 1st Area Council Meeting of JCI Philippines Area 5 (Mindanao) at Lantaka Hotel, Zamboanga City.

The Chapter’s 57th President (2006) JCI Mem. Rowell C. Acaylar, is a Registered Nurse and a former Police Officer. He is currently a Clinical Instructor at the Mindanao Autonomous College Foundation Inc. (MACFI) in Lamitan City. His term is highlighted by twin victories at the National Convention Temyong Awards held in Subic, Zambales, where the Chapter’s only two bids for “Most Outstanding JCI Week Celebration” and “Most Outstanding JCI Family” both won coveted “Recognitions”, a substantial feat considering the competition for said categories. It was also on this year that JCI Basilan Inc. voluntarily split into two, with the male members retaining the Chapter’s name and seal, while lady JCI Members were assisted in forming the all-female JCI Basileña, officially recognized on April 8, 2006 during the 2nd National Board Meeting of JCI Philippines Inc., held in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.

SIDEBAR: JCI Basileña was led by its Charter President, JCI Mem. Carlissele Rodriguez-Navales, followed by JCI Mem. Bernadita F. Hontucan in 2007, and Rev. May Casiano-Casada, a female Priest of the Episcopal Church in 2008 before falling into a hiatus. The all-female chapter has since been revived for 2014 by JCI Mem. Ma. Jennesa Santos-Tubongbanua, Isabela City Councilor.

Yet another example of inter-generational dynamics happening in the Chapter is the election of Atty. Orheim T. Ferrer, son of 1992 PP Edgardo Ferrer, as the Chapter’s 58th President (2007). He is followed by the 59th President JCI Mem. James Abner S. Rodriguez, Isabela City Councilor, school administrator and community organizer, with strong ties to the local military establishment.

60th Diamond Anniversary and Beyond[edit]

JCI Basilan Inc. Fellowship Night, January 11, 2008

JCI Basilan reached its watershed 60th “Diamond Anniversary” during the second term of JCI Mem. James Abner Rodriguez in 2009,.[3] He was followed in 2010 by JCI Mem. Jayson Alay-Tubil, the incumbent Isabela City Tourism Officer a multi-awarded performance artist and choreographer. 2011 saw the return for a third term of JCI Mem. James Abner Rodriguez.

He was followed in 2013 by JCI Mem. Ma. Izabelle Sigrid Yu-Tang, who kicked off an array of projects and programs starting with the revival of the flagship Miss Basilan Beauty Pageant in August 2012. This was followed by the Mr. & Miss Festivale Western Mindanao in 2013.

She is followed by JCI Mem. Jayson Pia Arcan, Local Organization President for 2014. JCI Basilan Inc. is celebrating its 65th "Blue Sapphire" Anniversary on January 11, 2014 - "The Third Oldest JCI Local Chapter in Mindanao".

Roster of Presidents[edit]

(Year, Name, Highest JCI/Non-JCI Position Held, LOM Theme)

Basilan Junior Chamber of Commerce

  • 1949-1950, Dr. Isidro Sta. Elena, Regional Vice President – Northern Mindanao (1951–1952), "Faith in God gives Meaning and Purpose to Human Life"
  • 1951, Judge Doroteo de Guzman, "Government should be of Laws rather than of Men"
  • 1952, Dr. Alejandro C. Infante, "Service to Humanity is the Best Work of Life"
  • 1953, Amado Borja, "Economic Justice can Best be Won by Free Men through Free Enterprise"
  • 1954, Thomas Ba Leong, "Earth's Great Treasure lies in Human Personality"
  • 1955, Carlos F. Tan, "Service to Humanity is the Best Work of Life"
  • 1956, Judge Francisco S. Atilano, RTC Judge, "Government should be of Laws rather than of Men"
  • 1957, Judge Regino Hermosisima Jr., Regional Vice President – Northern Mindanao (1954–1955), and Retired Supreme Court Justice, Presiding Judge in the 1983 Aquino-Galman Double Murder Case, "Unity Among Men... Unity Among Nations"
  • 1958-1959, Emilio Lim, "Greater Understanding in a Changing Nation"
  • 1960-1961, Atty. Laurencio Saavedra, "Our Progress... the Challenge to Our Nation"/"Service to Humanity... Our Commitment"
  • 1962, Ricardo Madayag, "Better Leaders for a Better Philippines"
  • 1963, Judge Cesar S. Principe, RTC Judge, "Learning Today... Leading Tomorrow"

Junior Chamber of Basilan City, Inc. (SEC Registered)

  • 1964-1965, JCI Sen. Simplicio A. Bonifacio, Regional Vice President – Southern Mindanao (1968)

and 3-term Basilan Provincial Board Member, "Better Understanding... Better Leadership"/"Leadership through Community Service"

  • 1966, Judge Selso Manzanaris, "Accepting Tomorrow's Challenge"
  • 1967, JCI Sen. Ricardo G. Mon, Municipal Mayor, "Progress Through Self-Improvement"
  • 1968, Reynaldo Martinez, "Developing People... Developing the Nation"
  • 1969, Armando L. Salvador, "Leadership in Action"
  • 1970, Quirico Tan, "The Spirit of 1970: Positive Leadership"
  • 1971, JCI Sen. Ulbert Ulama Tugung, Regional Vice President – Southern Mindanao (1977) and Regional Governor of the Autonomous Region of Western Mindanao, "Young People for a Better Tomorrow"
  • 1972, JCI Sen. Aniceto G. Mon, City Councilor, "The Jaycees: A Bridge to National Progress"
  • 1973, JCI Sen. Louis W. Alano, Provincial Governor, "Leadership in Action"
  • 1974, JCI Sen. Edgardo Eustaquio, M.D., "Our Nation... Our Responsibility"
  • 1975, JCI Sen. Yu Chi Han, "Man and His Environment"

Basilan Jaycees, Inc.

  • 1976-1977, JCI Sen. Fernando S. Cariaga, "Our Heritage...Our Future"/"One World, One Community"
  • 1978, JCI Sen. Kieck Seng Tan, "Our Children, Our Future"
  • 1979, JCI Sen. Roque C. Tan, "Change Through Enlightened Leadership with Accent on Youth"
  • 1980, JCI Sen. Louis W. Alano, "Compassion, Understanding and Involvement"
  • 1981, Engr. Tahir I. Latip, Provincial Engineer, "Leadership in Energy & Accelerated Development"
  • 1982, Napoleon P. Yu, Philippine National Bank Basilan Branch Manager, "Back to Basics"
  • 1983, JCI Sen. Louis W. Alano, Deputy Governor for Christian Affairs (ARMM), "Bridging Jaycee Chapters Nationwide"
  • 1984-1985, Atty. Alvin G. Dans, Former Mayor, Governor, Congressman, DILG Undersecretary and Philippine Postmaster General, "Living the Jaycee Creed"/"Jaycees for a Better Tomorrow"
  • 1986, Perfecto C. Antonio, Jr., 3-term Basilan Provincial Board Member, "EQUIP'86"
  • 1987, Nonito T. Ramirez, Isabela City Council Secretary, "New Values, New Nation"

Junior Chamber of Basilan, Inc.

  • 1988-1989, JCI Sen. Benedicto N. Peñaflor, "40 Years of Leadership Development: Moving Towards a New Horizon"/"Redirecting Values, A New Beginning"
  • 1990-1991, Michael M. Manapol, Isabela City Tourism Officer, "Jayceeism - a New Vision into the 90s"/ "Decade of the 90s... Primed for a New Beginning"
  • 1992, Edgardo P. Ferrer, "Deeper and Direct Involvement in Community Affairs"
  • 1993, Rogelio J. Francisco, "The Environment - Our Future, Today's Concern"
  • 1994, Judge Danilo M. Bucoy, RTC Judge, "Making a Stand"
  • 1995-1996, Carlos S. Luy, "Global Harmony & Stability Through Efficient and Effective Leadership"/ "Committing Ourselves in Making More Inspiring Tasks for a Meaningful Existence"
  • 1997-1998, Edgar R. Suson, "JC CARES - Concern on the Answer to Responsive and Effective Service"/ "Basilan Jaycees for Golden Opportunities in Leadership Development"
  • 1999, JCI Sen. Laura W. Alano, National Vice President for Western Mindanao (2000), "Trained to Lead"
  • 2000, Ma. Theresa M. Alano, Asst. Secretary, DSWD, "Shaping the Leaders of the Millennium"
  • 2001, Tita Orbecido-Tan, JC PLUS - Progressive Leadership for Unity and Service"
  • 2002, Reymond E. Bicariato, Phil. National Red Cross Basilan Chapter Administrator, "Jaycee CARES: Committed Action for Responsive and Effective Service"
  • 2003, Svetlana Cariaga-Sanchez, "Entrepreneurs in Action"

Junior Chamber International – Basilan, Inc. (Philippines)

  • 2004, Jaime Juanito A. Rivera, National Vice President for Western Mindanao (2006), "ONE: Organization. Nation. Entrepreneurship."/ "Entrepreneurs in Action"
  • 2005, Nuayme Sangkula-Enriquez, "Entrepreneurs in Action"
  • 2006, Rowell C. Acaylar/Carlissele Rodriguez, "Entrepreneurs in Action"
  • 2007, Orheim T. Ferrer/Bernardita F. Hontucan, "Be Better"
  • 2008-2009, James Abner S. Rodriguez, City Councilor, "We Believe. We Can. Be Better."
  • 2010, Jayson A. Tubil, "Be Better."
  • 2011, James Abner S. Rodriguez,City Councilor, "We Believe. We Can. Be Better."
  • 2012-2013, Maria Izabelle Sigrid Yu-Tang, "Adelante, JCI Basilan!" / "Inspire the Nation"
  • 2014, Jayson Pia-Arcan, "Change the Future, Today"
  • 2015, Engr. Jhul Kifli L. Salliman, "I am for Positive Change"

Affiliated chapters[edit]

Senior affiliates[edit]

Basilan Jaycee Senate (1968)

Jayceerette Club of Basilan (1970)

Junior affiliates[edit]

Taguima Junior Jaycees (1991)

Basilan Karajaan Junior Jaycees (1999)

Basilan Junior Jaycees (2000)

Isabela City Junior Jaycees (2003)

Alano Kasanyangan Junior Jaycees (2006)

Metro Basilan Junior Jaycees (2006)

Greater Basilan Junior Jaycees (2008)

External relations[edit]

Mother chapters[edit]

JCI Manila (1947)

JCI Zamboanga (1948)

Chapter extensions[edit]

JCI Koronadal "Gintong Ani" (1968)

JCI Lamitan (1976)

JCI Vinta (2004)

JCI Basileña (2006)

Sister chapters[edit]

JCI Subic Lambat (2003)

JCI Mandaue (2003)

JCI Cebu Sinulog (2003)

JCI Cabatuan Gintong Butil (2003)

JCI Cebu Inc. (2003)

JCI Jambangan (2004)

JCI Greater Dipag (2004)

JCI Kagayhaan Gold (2004)

JCI Macajalar 24K (2004)

JCI Pagadian Heights (2004)

JCI Linamon Kulintang (2004)

JCI Ipil (2005)

JCI Greater Pagadian (2005)

JCI Mutia Siren (2006)

JCI Dipolog Blue Marlin (2007)

JCI Cavite Magiting (2008)

JCI Manileña (2008)

Chapter awards[edit]

2006 Most Outstanding JCI Family - The Alano Family[edit]

2006 JCI Philippines Inc. Mindanao Area Conference, Cotabato City, Certificate of Recognition

2006 JCI Philippines Inc. National Convention, Subic, Zambales, Certificate of Recognition

First generation

Don Julio Torres Alano (+) – married to Generosa “Señora Geny” Walton, charter member of JCI Zamboanga (Zamboanga Junior Chamber of Commerce); attended the 1950 World Congress hosted by the Manila Junior Chamber

Second generation

JCI Sen. Louis Walton Alano - eldest son of Don Julio, three-term LOM President of Basilan Jaycees Inc. (1973, 1980, 1983), current President of JCI Senate Basilan; former Governor of the Province of Basilan (appointed by Pres. Corazon C. Aquino), currently the Deputy Governor for Christian Affairs of the Autonomous Region for Muslims in Mindanao (ARMM); spearheaded the creation of the Concerned Citizens’ Aggrupation (anti-Marcos Coalition) in Basilan at the height of Martial Law.

JCI Sen. Laura Walton Alano – youngest daughter of Don Julio, the 50th and first Lady Jaycee President of the LOM (1999), elected National Vice President for Western Mindanao in 2000, and was awarded Most Outstanding NVP for Area V; she is currently the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and President of Juan S. Alano Memorial Hospital, Inc. and Juan S. Alano Memorial School, Inc. She’s likewise a Past President of the Rotary Club of Basilan, and a Board Member of the Philippine National Red Cross Basilan Chapter.

Sus. Mem. Juan Alano Rivera – third son of Dr. Jaime Rivera and Doña Lenora Alano (elder sister of Don Julio), joined the Basilan Jaycees in 1978 and served as On-to-Baguio NatCon Chairman.

Second generation (in-laws)

PP Ma. Theresa Manapol Alano - married to Augusto Grayson Walton Alano, youngest son of Don Julio, the 51st and second Lady Jaycee President of the LOM (2000), she was appointed by H. E. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2005 as Assistant Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development, in charge of minority women and Mindanao

PP Marie Therese Hizon Alano – married to JCI Sen. Louis W. Alano, served as Basilan Jayceerette President during her husband’s incumbencies.

Fe Artista Rivera (+) – married to Juan Alano Rivera, served as Treasurer and Secretary General on different occasions of the Basilan Jayceerettes, an Elementary Grades Teacher, she was the Guidance Counselor of Isabela Central Elementary Pilot School (ICEPS)

Third generation

Edilberto Alano Pineda Jr. – eldest son of Edilberto Pineda and Alessandra Alano (second daughter of Don Julio) joined the Basilan Jaycees in 1994.

Enrico Julio Alano Pineda – second son of Edilberto Pineda and Alessandra Alano, joined the Jambangan Junior Jaycees at Western Mindanao State University where he served as the first Student Member of the University Board of Regents, having been elected Supreme Student Council President.

Jaime Juanito Artista Rivera – eldest son of Juan Alano Rivera and Fe Artista, served as the 55th LOM President of JCI Basilan Inc. (2004), Regional Training Director for Western Mindanao and PIO for Area V (2005), and National Vice President for Western Mindanao (2006), he previously joined the Jambangan Junior Jaycees (Ateneo) where he served as LOM President (1998), and then went on to become National Vice President for Area VI (Mindanao) for the Philippine Junior Jaycees Inc. (1999), he joined the Jambangan Jaycees in 2000 and transferred to JCI Basilan in 2003. He established the Junior Jaycee chapters of Basilan Karajaan (1999), Basilan (2000), Isabela City (2003), Lamitan (2006), Claret Lamiteños (2006), and Alano (2006). He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Director, President and CEO of Juan S. Alano Corporation and Basilan Estates, Inc., the CFO of Basilan Pioneer Electric and Ice Plant, Inc., COO of Basilan Golden Harvest Corp. and Managing Partner of MyRivera Integrated Technologies Co. He is likewise a Board Member of the Philippine National Red Cross Basilan Chapter, Chairman of the Committees on Disaster Prevention and Response, and Blood Services.

Jericho Arturo Artista Rivera – second son of Juan A. Rivera and Fe Artista served as the LOM Vice President for International Affairs (2003) and Vice President for Business Development & Entrepreneurship (2004).

Julio Jesus Manapol Alano II – eldest child of Augusto Alano and Ma. Theresa Manapol, joined the Taguima Junior Jaycees (Claret College of Isabela) and attended the PJJCI National Convention as its sole delegate in 2000.

Alfonso Miguel Manapol Alano – second son of Augusto Alano and Ma. Theresa Manapol, joined the Basilan Junior Jaycees (Basilan National High School) in 2006.

2006 Best JCI Week celebration[edit]

April 16, 2006 – Day One: JCI Picnic and Family Day

2006 JCI Philippines Inc. National Convention, Subic, Zambales, Certificate of Recognition

Project Name: JCI Week 2006

Project Category: D.03 Best JCI Week Celebration

Duration: April 10 - May 8, 2006

Staff: 10

Sponsors: Basilan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc., Bureau of Jail Mngt. & Penology, SK Federation of Isabela City, LGU of Isabela City, Jollibee – Basilan

Budget: P7,680.00

Profit: P4,670.00

Who benefitted

1. Members of JCI Basilan, JCI Basilena, JCI Lamitan

2. Inmates of Isabela City Jail

3. Basilan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc. and the Business Sector of Isabela City

4. SK leaders in Isabela City

5. Metro Basilan Junior Jaycees (5 JJC LOMs)

6. Community of Isabela City

April 17, 2006 – Day Two: Motorcade and Joint GMM with JCI Lamitan


To promote a deeper awareness of JUNIOR CHAMBER INTERNATIONAL in the local community, especially in the light of the new JCI CORPORATE IDENTITY PROGRAM; To implement the NATIONAL PROJECTS of JCI Philippines, making these relevant in the local context; and, to foster greater friendships and better cooperation between and among Jaycees both within the LOM as well as in relation to neighboring LOMs.


JCI Week 2006 in Basilan was a comprehensive week-long array of activities which endeavoured to bring together both National and Local projects under a single undertaking which is meaningful and relevant both to the JCI organization as well as to the community we serve. National projects were given a distinctively local twist to better answer the immediate needs of the community, while at the same time holding true to the objectives of the national project, then everything was bundled up in a 1-week program which had high public awareness and socio-civic impact.

April 18, 2006 – Day Three: Beyond Prison Walls Project Launching, BJMP Isabela City


BENEFIT TO INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS: Through the series of activities held throughout the week, our individual members gained adequate training in the practical management of projects and programs, they were exposed to the handling and implementation of national projects and have acquired vital experience in doing the same, even for local projects in the future.

BENEFIT TO THE ORGANIZATION: The series of activities greatly enhanced the image of the local organization, especially in the community it has served throughout all these years. Likewise, this enhanced image has improved the LOM’s recruitment drive which shall commence by June.

BENEFIT TO THE COMMUNITY: The community witnessed the delivery of a variety of needed services and projects which has clearly benefitted its population. Specifically, closer cooperation between JCI Basilan Inc. and the local Business Chamber, the Bureau of Jail Management & Penology, the Sangguniang Kabataan Federation and renewing ties with the Junior Jaycees will surely redound to even more activities in the future…activities which would benefit the community even more in the long run.

Actions taken:

April 10 - GMM; LOM Adoption of Project Proposal; Initial Meeting of JCI Week Project Committee at Lolo Jose Restaurant

April 16 - JCI Basilan Inc. Induction of New Members and Jaycee Family Picnic at the Alano White Beach Resort, Malamawi Island, Isabela City, Basilan

April 19, 2006 – Day Four: JCI Maxx Launching and MOA Signing with Basilan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc.

April 17 - JAYCEE WEEK 2006 Motorcade & Tri-LOM Fellowship with JCI Lamitan and JCI Basileña at Lamitan, Basilan

April 18 - Official Launching of BEYOND PRISON WALLS Program at BJMP Isabela City Jail, Isabela City, Basilan

April 19 - Official Launching of JCI MAXX Project and MOA Signing with Basilan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc. at JCIB Secretariat, Isabela City, Basilan

April 20 - Official Launching of SK LEADERS’ PROGRAM and VANGUARD LEADERS’SEMINAR given to SK Federation of Isabela City at JSAMSI, Isabela City, Basilan

April 21 - Reactivation of JUNIOR JAYCEES and establishment of METRO-BASILAN JUNIOR JAYCEES at JSAMSI, Isabela City, Basilan

April 22 - PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE and PROJECT PLANNING SEMINAR for JCI Basileña at Jollibee, Isabela City, Basilan

April 23 - Co-hosted w/ JCI Basilena, the 2nd Western Mindanao REGIONAL COUNCIL MEETING, held at Jardin de La Vina Hotel, Zamboanga City

April 26 - Project Evaluation Conference; Drafting of Project Completion Report

May 8 - GMM; Submission and Approval of Completion Report

April 20, 2006 – Day Five: SK Leaders' Program Leadership Training Seminar/Workshop with PNRC CNT Viermizzar Kanni


The dissemination of JCI Week Guidelines should be issued/distributed at a much earlier date.

Likewise, the individual project guidelines for the JCI Week component projects (JCI Maxx, JJC Revival, etc.) should have been included in the final JCI Week circular so that the implementing LOMs will have adequate project parameters to work with, as well as for these same LOMs to have a good gauge of their own performance in the evaluation conference.

General Planning, Execution and Finance: Actual preparation for the groundwork started months before the adoption of the final project proposal, which by then already incorporated a lot of the institutional aspects of the project...this project having been implemented religiously for several years in a row. Likewise, as a matter of LOM tradition, the LOM EVP has been given a formal appointment by the LOM President to draft a project proposal which shall conform with the stipulations stated in the NOM-guidelines for the JCI Week celebrations throughout the country.

Formal adoption of the Project Proposal is embodied in LOM Res. No. 08, s. 2006, to wit: " Resolved, as it is hereby resolved, to adopt the Proposed Project "JCI WEEK 2006" as presented. Resolved further, to confirm the appointment of LOM EVP Orheim T. Ferrer as Overall Project Director." The same resolution was duly passed on the April 10, 2006 GMM of JCI Basilan Inc. The Project Proposal draft was only made available at this late date because the National Guidelines were officially released during the 2nd National Board Meeting (April 8, 2006) only. Even so, initial preparations have already been made as early as February 2006.

For the purpose of financing the said activity, the LOM has appropriated five thousand pesos (P5,000.00) from its internal funds for mobilization, which was approved for release on April 11, 2006.

April 21, 2006 – Day Six: 5 Junior Jaycee LOMs' Basic Orientation Seminar by PNVP Jamju Rivera and PJJCI NVP Visayas, JJC Jesus Saliganan

Immediately, the Project Committee headed by LOM EVP Orheim T. Ferrer, kicked into full gear, final preparations for the week-long series of activities being confined to production of promotional materials, confirmations of venue bookings, guest invitations, etc., with the bulk of the budget being earmarked for the April 16–22 week-long affair.

Component projects were delegated to Deputy Project Chairmen, who were assigned to handle specific sub-projects. To ensure that all our members had ample experience handling projects of this nature, while at the same time, mindful of giving our freshmen adequate guidance, the positions of Deputy Project Chairmen were farmed out mostly to our newer members.

For additional funding, the Project Committee forged separate sponsorship agreements with the Basilan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc., Bureau of Jail Mngt. & Penology, SK Federation of Isabela City, LGU of Isabela City, Jollibee – Basilan, for such considerations as sound systems, venue rentals, snacks for participants, etc., which helped in substantially downscaling our expenses to the barest minimum.

Also, the Past Presidents of the Chapter volunteered some funds which were likewise coursed to the project as well.

NVP Jaime J. A. Rivera sponsored the entrance fees and the cottage rentals during the New Members’ Induction and Jaycee Family Picnic (April 16) at the Alano White Beach Resort on Malamawi Island, while the members brought food potluck-style. We had, as guests, PP Edgardo Ferrer, PP Ma. Theresa M. Alano (Asec., DSWD), and PNVP Laura W. Alano.

The second day (April 17) witnessed the traditional Motorcade around town, which ended in the next Municipality – Lamitan, where we had our Lunch and Tri-LOM Fellowship, sponsored by JCI Lamitan.

The Local Launching of the BEYOND PRISON WALLS Project which was conducted on the third day (April 18), was sponsored by the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, whose Jail Warden – JCI Mem. Rolly Sedano, was only too happy to accommodate the Chapter. This was capped by a short program, to which NVP Jaime J. A. Rivera was invited to present the guidelines of the National Project.

The fourth day (April 19) was jointly sponsored by JCI Basilan, Inc., the Basilan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc., and the Juan S. Alano Group of Companies, for the Local Launching of JCI MAXX, enlisting all members of the local business chamber to offer preferential discounts and rebates to Jaycees carrying the current JCI membership card, and even extended these privileges to Past Presidents and JCI Senators! Likewise, JCI Basilan Inc., JCI Basileña, and BCCII, inked a Memorandum of Agreement whereby the three organizations shall cause to share resources, as well as a single Clubhouse-cum-Operations Center, its rentals being donated by the Alano Group <the venue being located in the Alano Building>, the staff by the Jaycee chapters, and financing by BCCII.

Day Five and Six (April 20–21) were conducted within the campus of the Juan S. Alano Memorial School, Inc., with Leadership Training Seminars and Team-building courses given, first, to 45 Sangguniang Kabataan Chairpersons from the 46 Barangays of Isabela City, and thenthe next day to 82 Junior Jaycees from four of the five active chapters in Isabela City and Lamitan. The Junior Jaycees were also given a Basic Orientation Seminar for JJCs. The seminar facilitators were NVP Jaime J. A. Rivera, PRIME Davao ’04, and JCI Mem. Viermizzar Kanni, Certified National Trainor of the Philippine National Red Cross. Also on these days, the official launch of the SK Leaders’ Program was announced and presented, and the five (5) Junior Jaycee chapters were organized under one Metro-Chapter, a sort of umbrella organization for the Junior Jaycees, called the Metro-Basilan Junior Jaycees.

April 22, 2006 – Day Seven: OTS given to members of JCI Basileña, held at Jollibee-Basilan

The following day (April 22) we conducted a Parliamentary Procedure and Project Planning Seminar jointly attended by our members and JCI Basileña, held at the second floor of Jollibee – Basilan Branch. Jollibee offered us sponsored discounts and were given time to pitch their products to the attendees at the end of the seminar sessions.

The last day (April 23) was the most fun yet! We co-hosted the 2nd REGIONAL COUNCIL MEETING for WESTERN MINDANAO with JCI Basileña, held at Main Conference Room of Jardin de La Viña Hotel, Gov. Alvarez St., Zamboanga City, which was attended by a total of 11 LOMs. We ended the day at the 2nd Turnover and Induction Ceremonies of JCI Vinta (a JCI Basilan Inc. Extended LOM from 2004), held at the Zamboanga Golf & Country Club’s Grille Restaurant & Clubhouse.

The Project Committee had its Project Evaluation and Review Conference on April 26, 2006, and ascertained that the project earned a total of Twelve Thousand Three Hundred and Fifty Pesos (P12,350.00) for the chapter, or a Net Profit of Four Thousand Six Hundred and Seventy Pesos (P4,670.00).

The Final Project Completion Report was submitted and subsequently approved by the LOM during its May 8, 2006 Regular General Membership Meeting, and is embodied in LOM Resolution No. 13, s. 2006, to wit: “Resolved, to Accept the Project Completion Report of the “JCI Week 2006” Project Committee as presented. Resolved further, to commend the JCI Week 2006 Project Committee Members for a job extremely well done.”

April 23 - Day Eight: JCI Philippines Western Mindanao 2nd Regional Council Meeting, held at Jardin de La Viña Hotel, Zamboanga City

Promotion utilized

The entire promotional campaign for JCI Week 2006, was hinged on three (3) over-riding objectives: (1) the campaign had to reach as many people as was allowed by our limited resources and modes of advertising; (2) the stakeholders, partners, beneficiaries of the project had to be mobilized enough to actively involve them in the promotional campaign; and, (3) the campaign had to be extensive, intensive and comprehensive!

After a thorough consideration of the available resources and modes of implementation, the Project Committee finally decided on the following:

The Promotional Campaign, which lasted from April 12 – 23, 2006, primarily relied on five (5) forms of promotional activities, namely: (1) extensive use of personal/professional networks and/or contacts to ensure a word-of-mouth campaign that reached most, if not all, our targeted audiences; (2) LGU/NGO assistance from partner institutions and/or agencies both in and out of the government framework, through the dissemination of official circulars, memoranda, and notices distributed to their own employees, staff and clients/constituents, as well as active participation and sponsorship of selected (read: high-impact, high-awareness) LGU/NGO projects and/or programs within which we were able to promote our JCI Week 2006 activities; (3) outdoor advertising, composed of streamers, bills, programs/invitations, etc.; (4) SMS Broadcasts via “group-texts” and “pass-on-texts” which definitely helped a lot in informing our target audience, participants, beneficiaries, providing them with up-to-date bulletins related to the week-long series of events; and, (5) public service announcements and bulletins posted on the local cable company’s community channel.

Promotional Streamers for JCI Week 2006

To realize this, the Project Committee visited our partner institutions/organizations. Immediately, the City Government of Isabela included the activities of JCI Week 2006 as official events of the 3rd Cocowayan Festival (Anniversary of the City of Isabela), which was concluded on April 25, 2006. Memoranda from City Hall outlined the activities officially sanctioned by the local authorities, and appointed JCI Basilan Inc. as the official representative of the NGO Sector to the Cocowayan Festival Committee and the City Tourism Council. All LGU component divisions and offices were given copies of the JCI Week 2006 activities (included in the Festival Program), and office staff, employees and personnel were directed to render every necessary assistance to the Jaycee activities. Likewise, our partners in the business sector, headed by no less than the Basilan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc., and its 154-member-business establishments (e.g., Jollibee – Basilan, Basilan Shipping Lines, Inc., D’Biel Transit Co., etc. ) agreed to have our posters and handbills pinned and distributed in their business premises and/or vessels/PUVs. Streamers were placed in conspicuous public thoroughfares and spaces, some of which were even donated by the LGU itself. Finally, the local cable company (BCH Cable TV, Inc., whose owner is 1974 PP Ed Eustaquio) donated free info-plugs posted at the cable community channel throughout the campaign period.

Our having to resort to these alternative promotional modes is due to the fact that our place has no locally based and operating free-TV nor Radio stations. Neither are there any regular (i.e. dailies, weeklies, etc.) locally produced periodicals, newspapers/tabloids, etc., save for school organs which print out on a quarterly basis (moreover, our activities falling in the middle of summer meant even this channel was, at that time, unavailable for our publicity team).

Even so, Basilan, and in particular, Isabela City is a small enough place for us to be able to sufficiently cover a substantial demographic with our limited resources and even more limited modes of advertising. The participation and cooperation of our community sponsors and partner institutions, however, was the linchpin that made our promotional efforts truly effective.


Overall, the conduct of JCI Week 2006 was a resounding success.

At the outset, the Project Team knew that this was not going to be a fundraising vehicle, and expected a deficit, which was reminiscent of most of the JCI Week celebrations in its 57-year history…and yet, a profit (albeit, admittedly small in comparison to full-blown fundraising projects) was had. The sometimes surprising response form our community sponsors and partner institutions, coupled with the full support of our LGU brought about a substantial outpouring of assistance both financial and physical.

Despite the eleventh-minute appearance of the National Guidelines, the JCI Week celebrations have already been institutionalized to such an extent that most of the initial preparations needed for the successful conduct of the project have already been laid down months before the Project Proposal was even drafted.

JCI Membership and Public Participation:

JCI MEMBERSHIP: A total of three (3) LOMs participated in the JCI Week 2006, namely: JCI Basilan Inc., JCI Lamitan and JCI Basileña, or a total of at least 60 individual JCI Members (out of a total 79 registered with JCIP) participating, both as members of the Project Committee, as well as attendees in the seminars, fellowships, etc. Add to this, the participation of the five (5) JJC chapters, namely: JJC Taguima, JJC Basilan Karajaan, JJC Basilan, JJC Isabela City, and JJC Lamitan, which counts at least 120 individual JJC members. We likewise invited several Past Presidents and Past Jaycees as special guests in some of the affairs conducted.

Public participation

DAY 1 – JCI Basilan Inc. and JCI Basileña members spent the day at the Beach for the New Members’ Induction and Jaycee Family Picnic. We were joined by our families. The affair was witnessed by beach patrons and vacationers.

DAY 2 – Our members visited our newly revived neighbor, JCI Lamitan for a Lunch Fellowship. We were joined by JJC Lamitan members as well.

DAY 3 – The entire staff of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology – Isabela City Jail joined us in the launching of the Beyond Prison Walls Project.

DAY 4 – 34 business-owners and members of the Basilan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc. (BCCII), were present to witness the launching of JCI MAXX and the MOA Signing between JCI Basilan, Inc. and BCCII.

DAY 5 – 45 SK Chairmen (out of 46 Barangays!) attended the launching of the SK Leaders’ Program and the Vanguard Leaders’ Seminar conducted by the chapter.

DAY 6 – 120 Junior Jaycees attended the Team-Building and Basic Orientation Seminars conducted by the chapter.

DAY 7 – 15 individual members from JCI Basileña attended the Parliamentary Procedure and Project Planning Seminar.

DAY 8 – 11 LOMs from throughout Western Mindanao attended the 2nd JCI WESTERN MINDANAO REGIONAL COUNCIL MEETING.

Value to own JCI local organization:

The conduct of JCI Week 2006 should not be gauged by finances alone, although it did make a pretty respectable profit out of a traditionally deficit-producing project.

It should neither be judged by the mere number of participants both within and outside of the organization, although we did get to attract a pretty substantial number of people from all walks of life and in all levels of the local bureaucracy, in government, the private sector, and among the NGOs.

It should instead be measured by the extent to which the individual members, project team members and participants were enriched by the entire experience. The knowledge gained by our new members who were thrust into positions of great responsibility are priceless manifestations of the success of the project. The fact that the project was able to meld both inexperience and expertise from among the members of the LOM, and was able to make things work…maybe not in clockwork timing…but work nevertheless, is the be all and end all of the entire undertaking. If only for these achievements, we are proud to advance our hopes of winning over other equally worthy JCI Week celebrations throughout the archipelago.

For the rest of the evidence, let our empirical numbers speak for themselves: 8 days, 10 team members, 13 component projects, 60 JCI members in 3 LOMs, 120 Junior Jaycees in 5 JJC LOMs, 154 business establishments in 1 BSO, 45 SK Chairmen out of 46 Barangays, an initial budget of P5,000, and a net profit of P4,670, a gajillion tons of goodwill!


  • TOYM (The Outstanding Young Man) Basilan - or the "Dr. Isidro Sta. Elena Memorial Award of Excellence", patterned after the national TOYM Search of JCI Philippines, Inc.[4] and TOYP of Junior Chamber International, is an annual search for one awardee from Basilan, the most outstanding young person in a specific field, embodying the JCI Tenet of "Earth's Great Treasure Lies in Human Personality". Awardees are below 40 years old, and shall automatically be the nominee of JCI Basilan Inc. to TOYM Philippines. Dr. Isidro Sta. Elena (1949–1950) is the Charter President of JCI Basilan Inc.
  • TOCP (The Outstanding Councilor of the Philippines) Basilan - or the "Mayor Ricardo G. Mon Memorial Award for Excellence in Public Service", patterned after the national TOCP Search of JCI Philippines, is an annual search for the best local city or municipal legislator, embodying the JCI Tenet of "Government of Laws rather than of Men". JCI Sen. Ricardo G. Mon (1967), was a 3-term City Councilor of Basilan City, and the first Mayor of Isabela Municipality.
  • TOPP (The Outstanding Policeman of the Philippines) Basilan - or the "Gov. Ulbert Ulama Tugung Memorial Award for Excellence in Public Safety and Peace Building" patterned after the national TOPP Search of JCI Philippines, is an annual search for the best local commissioned or non-commissioned Police Officer, embodying the JCI Tenet of "Brotherhood of Man Transcends the Sovereignty of Nations". JCI Sen. Ulbert Ulama Tugung (1971), was the Regional Governor for the Autonomous Government of Western Mndanao.
  • YLEA (Youth Leadership Excellence Award) - a national project, adopted locally by JCI Basilan Inc., seeks to recognize at least 25 outstanding graduates in High School and Elementary every school year in the Basilan and Isabela City Schools Divisions.
  • Annual Induction, Turnover Ceremonies & Presidential Balls - a strictly formal affair, this is usually held in January of each year, and signals the start of the local "social season".
  • JCI Week Celebration - held in the third week of April of each year, it is highlighted by at least seven distinct projects which span 7 days. Each project traditionally corresponds with a tenet of JCI, as embodied in the JCI Creed.
  • Environmental Advocacy - the Chapter has been known to value environmental advocacies, usually by spearheading local efforts to preserve the local mangrove forests, watershed areas, etc., as well as through information and education campaigns aimed at waste recycling, reusing and reduction. In 2005, the Chapter bought the franchise for the local staging of Miss Isabela-Earth Pageant for a Cause. The winner of which went on to win the Miss Western Mindanao-Earth pageant in Zamboanga City, representing the region to the Miss Philippines-Earth 2005 pageant in Manila. 1990-1991 PP Michael Manapol started and continues to chair the Basilan Green Movement, a local environmental advocacy group.
  • Operation Quick Count - begun during the 1970s, the Chapter has remained a steadfast supporter and main partner of the National Movement for Free Elections or NAMFREL, guarding election results
  • JCI MAXXX Basilan is the local version of the nationwide JCI MAX projects of JCI Philippines. In this instance, the chapter has a special relationship with the Basilan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc. (BCCI), making it the Chamber's young businessmen's club of sorts. Through this agreement, the Chapter and BCCI share the same Chamber Office/Clubhouse, facilities, etc.


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