Bathycoccus prasinos

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Bathycoccus prasinos
Scientific classification e
(unranked): Viridiplantae
Division: Chlorophyta
Class: Mamiellophyceae
Order: Mamiellales
Family: Bathycoccaceae
Genus: Bathycoccus
Species: B. prasinos
Binomial name
Bathycoccus prasinos
Eikrem & Throndsen

Bathycoccus prasinos is a picoplankton belonging to the order Mamiellales, along with Ostreococcus and Micromonas. The cells are around 1-2 μm in length, are non-motile and are covered in scales.


The small genome (15 Mb) was recently sequenced [1] and many of the genes are related to plants, though there is significant horizontal gene transfer from other eukaryotes. There are 19 chromosomes, two of which have a significantly different GC-content.


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