Battle of Beauharnois

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Battle of Beauharnois
Part of The Lower Canada Rebellion
Date November 10, 1838
Location Beauharnois, Quebec
Result Loyalist victory
United Kingdom Lower Canada - local Loyalist volunteers, as well as British units including 71st Highlanders[1] 500 Patriotes
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Flag of the Patriote movement (Lower Canada).svg Chevalier de Lorimier

The Battle of Beauharnois was fought on November 10, 1838, between Lower Canada loyalists and Patriote rebels (500 armed men converged on Beauharnois on November 3-4 towards the seigneurial manor[2]).

The town rose up following a series of raids by rebel leaders who had escaped into the United States. François-Marie-Thomas Chevalier de Lorimier commanded the ranks of the Patriote rebels. The British were victorious and resulted in 108 rebels being capture and trialed in Montreal[3] with 58 of the Patriote rebels being deported to Australia[4] and Lorimier was hung as result of his actions.[5][6]

In response to the battle, British forces burned down much as reprisal for the rebels actions.[7]


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