Battle of Biskupice

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Battle of Biskupice
Part of Rákóczi's War of Independence
Date April 21, 1704
Location Podunajské Biskupice, Great Rye Island (today Slovakia)
Result Kuruc (Hungarian) pyrrhic victory
Civil Ensign of Hungary.svg Kurucs (Kingdom of Hungary) Flag of Denmark.svg Kingdom of Denmark
Commanders and leaders
Civil Ensign of Hungary.svg László Ocskay brigadeer
Civil Ensign of Hungary.svg Lőrinc Pekry general
Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy.svg Colonel Peter Viard
Flag of Denmark.svg Mayor Adam Frederik Trampe
Unknown 1400
Casualties and losses
Unknown Heavy

The Battle of Biskupice (Hungarian: Püspöki csata, German: Schlacht bei Bischdorf, Slovak: Bitka pri Biskupiciach) was a battle between the Kurucs (Hungarians) and the Danish auxiliaries of the Habsburg army in April 21, 1704.

The Austrian commander Hannibal Heister in March 1704 merged with the troops (Germans, Danes, Serbs) near Komarno. The Austrian plane was the cleaning of the Great Rye Island up the Kurucs. This region he joined Rákóczi in 1703. The Kuruc forces threatened Pressburg and also Komarno.

In Pressburg being general Johann von Ritschan, but in spring was ordered back to Moravia. Because Heister sent to Pressburg reinforcements: 1400 Danish soldiers under German colonel Peter Viard and Danish mayor Adam Frederik Trampe.

The Kurucs under Lőrinc Pekry and László Ocskay (by instruction of general Miklós Bercsényi) near Biskupice (Podunajské Biskupice) attacked the Danes and them significant losses caused. However, the Danes reached Pressburg. The Kuruc army also stormed the ramparts near Guta (present day Kolárovo).

In April 28 in the battle of Nárazd Heister pushed back the Kurucs.