Battle of Hamdh

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Battle of Hamdh
Part of Kuwait–Najd War and
Unification of Saudi Arabia
Date 18 May 1920
Location Al Jahra
Result Ikhwan victory and the Battle of Jahra

Flag of the Second Saudi State.svg Ikhwan (Wahhabis)[1]


Commanders and leaders
Faisal al-Dwaish

Salim Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah

  • Sheikh Duaij Salman Al-Sabah
  • Sheikh Abdullah Jaber Al-Abdullah II Al-Sabah  (WIA)
2000 men 100 cavalrymen, 200 infantrymen
Casualties and losses
unknown killed unknown killed

The Battle of Hamdh(Arabic:معركة حمض ) involved 2,000 Ikhwan fighters and 100 Kuwaiti cavalry accompanied by 200 Kuwaiti infantrymen. The battle lasted six days and resulted in heavy but unknown casualties on both sides.

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  1. ^ Reeva S. Simon; Philip Mattar; Richard W. Bulliet (1996). Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East - Volume 1. p. 119. Fighting between Kuwait's forces and Wahhabi supporters of Ibn Sa'ud broke out in May 1920, and the former were soundly defeated. Within a few weeks, the citizens of Kuwait constructed a new wall to protect Kuwait City.