Battle of Jakobstadt

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The Battle of Jakobstadt (Latvian: Jēkabpils), (Polish: Krzyżbork) was a battle fought in the Great Northern War. It took place on 25 July 1704 (O.S.) / 26 July 1704 (Swedish calendar) / 5 August 1704 (N.S.) between a Swedish army under Adam Ludwig Lewenhaupt and a combined Lithuanian/Russian force under Great Hetman Michał Serwacy Wiśniowiecki at the town of Jēkabpils (German: Jakobstadt) in the Duchy of Courland and Semigallia. The Swedes were victorious.[4][1]

Notes and references[edit]

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Coordinates: 56°30′13″N 25°52′15″E / 56.50361°N 25.87083°E / 56.50361; 25.87083