Battle of Kankiryo Saddle

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Battle of Kankiryo Saddle
Part of World War II, Pacific War
Location Kankiryo Saddle, Finisterre range, Territory of New Guinea
Result Australian victory
 Australia  Empire of Japan

The Battle of Kankiryo Saddle was part of the Shaggy Ridge Campaign, fought by Australian and Japanese troops in the Territory of New Guinea in World War II.

Australian Brigadier Frederick Chilton had been given the task of taking Kankiryo Saddle, a Japanese held position that was part of the Finstiere range campaign.[1]

Allied forces had been advised there were 3000 Japanese troops in the area, though this was known to be an exaggeration.[2] A Lieutenant Coles had led a small patrol from the 2/2nd Pioneer Battalion from Prothero 1 to Kankiryo. They found only light resistance there, and brushed them aside, almost taking the position, establishing themselves there.[3]

There was only slight opposition and after midday on the 23rd the forward patrols of both battalions joined up and the whole of Shaggy Ridge was thus in Australian hands and the way was open to Kankiryo Saddle. Captain Haupt's 4 Company of the 2/12th moved down the track from Prothero 2 to Kankiryo Saddle, and found the position abandoned. Further artillery barrages drove the Japanese from the area.[4]


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