Battle of Kassa

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Battle of Kassa
Part of Great Turkish War
Date October 18, 1685
Location Kassa, Kingdom of Hungary, (today: Košice, Slovakia)
Result Austrian victory
 Holy Roman Empire Ottoman EmpireOttoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Aeneas de Caprara

The Battle of Kassa was fought on October 18, 1685, in the city of Kassa in the Kingdom of Hungary (now Košice in Slovakia), between the armies of the Ottoman Empire and of the Holy Roman Empire.

The Austrian Commander, Field Marshal Aeneas de Caprara, defeated the Turkish army near the city and with this victory regained Habsburg control of which had been lost in 1682 to the Kuruc leader Imre Thököly. Košice at the time was defended by a modern pentagonal fortress (citadel) built by the Habsburgs south of the city in the 1670s.