Battle of Oriola (1521)

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The Battle of Oriola was an armed conflict fought between the troops of the Germanías (artisan guilds) and those of Pedro Fajardo y Chacón, Marqués de los Vélez, on 30 August 1521 in Oriola (Orihuela), in the Kingdom of Valencia (now in Spain).

The events were marked by strong internal disputes amongst the Agermanados (members of the Germanías) (moderates against radicals), which caused a significant decline in their forces, just over a month after the Battle of Gandia.

The defeat of the Germanias was crucial to the Revolt of the Brotherhoods. It killed more than 2,000 men and was accompanied by a major crackdown, with the execution of forty Agermanado. As a result, the southern Kingdom of Valencia, from Alicante to Onteniente, fell into royalist hands

Coordinates: 38°5′8″N 0°56′49″W / 38.08556°N 0.94694°W / 38.08556; -0.94694