Battle of Saladen

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Battle of Saladen
Part of the Great Northern War
Battle of Biržai in 1703.PNG
Battle of Saladen, 1703
Date 18 March 1703 (O.S.)
19 March 1703 (Swedish calendar)
29 March 1703 (N.S.)
Location Šakarniai, near Saločiai (now Lithuania)
56°14′55″N 24°21′42″E / 56.24861°N 24.36167°E / 56.24861; 24.36167Coordinates: 56°14′55″N 24°21′42″E / 56.24861°N 24.36167°E / 56.24861; 24.36167
Result Swedish victory
Sweden Swedish Empire Poland–Lithuania
Russia Tsardom of Russia
Commanders and leaders
Adam Ludwig Lewenhaupt Grzegorz Antoni Ogiński
1,100 men[1] 6,000 men[2][3][1]
Casualties and losses
40 killed
125 wounded
2 missing[2]
around 1,500 killed[4]
some 45 standards and
1,058 banners[3]

The Battle of Saladen was a battle that took place on 19 March 1703 near Saločiai, Lithuania during the Great Northern War. The Swedes won the battle.


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