Battle of Suriagehara

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Battle of Suriagehara
Part of Date Masamune's supremacy over Ashina / aftermath of Kurokawa
DateJuly 17, 1589
LocationSuriagehara, Mutsu Province, Japan
Result Date victory
Take ni Suzume.svg Date clan Marunouchinimitsuhikiryo.gif Ashina clan
Satake.jpg Satake clan
Commanders and leaders
Take ni Suzume.svg Date Masamune Marunouchinimitsuhikiryo.gif Ashina Yoshihiro
Satake.jpg Satake Yoshishige
23,000 16,000
Casualties and losses
500 1,800

Battle of Suriagehara (摺上原の戦い, Suriagehara no tatakai) was a battle during the Sengoku period (16th century) of Japan.

The Battle of Suriagehara served as the aftermath of the Siege of Kurokawa, in which Ashina Yoshihiro with his 16,000 men stole the moment to enact revenge for their previous defeat at Kurokawa Castle. Date Masamune, with his superior 23,000 troops, defeated Yoshihiro after a well fought battle on both sides.


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