Alma River (Crimea)

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Alma, Альма, Alma
Alma river.jpg
Alma river near memorial of Battle of Alma
Origin Babuğan Yayla, Crimean Mountains
Mouth Kalamita bay of the Black Sea
Basin countries Crimea
Length 83 km (52 mi)

The Alma (Ukrainian: Альма; Russian: Альма, Crimean Tatar: Alma) is a small river in Crimea that flows into the Black Sea. Its mouth is located half-way between Yevpatoria and Sevastopol. Alma is the Crimean Tatar word for an "apple". Near the Alma river the allied British, French, and Ottoman armies defeated the Russians under Prince Aleksandr Sergeevich Menshikov 20 September 1854, see Battle of Alma.

Coordinates: 44°50′45″N 33°35′38″E / 44.84583°N 33.59389°E / 44.84583; 33.59389