Bayat e Esfahan

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Bayat e Esfahan (Persian:بیات اصفهان) is one of pieces of Iranian traditional music which known as a branch of Dastgah-e Shur or Dastgah e Homayun. of course some musical theorists said that Bayat e Esfahan is an independent Dastgah.[1]

sensual features[edit]

Ruhollah Khaleqi told noted about this mode as Sometimes happy sometimes sad.[2]


Bayat e Esfahan has some Branche (Gusha) including:

  • Daramad e avvval (first preface)
  • Daramad e dovvom (second preface)
  • Jame daran
  • Bayat e Raje
  • Oshagh (owj)
  • Bayat e Shiraz
  • Suz va Godaz
  • Naghme
  • Masnavi
  • Sufi name or Saki name


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