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Bayat e Turk (Persian:بیات ترک) or Bayat e Zand[1] (Persian:بیات زند) is a part of Dastgah-e Shur in Iranian traditional music. Some religious texts like Adhan are sung in this mode.[2]


Its name may refers to the Zand tribe in Fars Province in Iran or Turkic tribes in the south of Iran.


This mode has some branches including:[3]

  • Daramad e Avval (first preface)
  • Daramad Dovvom (second preface)
  • Daramad Sevvom (third preface)
  • Dogah
  • Ruholarwah
  • Jame daran
  • Mahdizarrabi
  • Zangooleh
  • Bastenegar
  • Naghme
  • Feili
  • Khosrawani
  • Haji Hassani
  • Mehrabani


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