Be Beautiful But Shut Up

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Be Beautiful But Shut Up
Sois-belle-et-tais-toi-poster 95884 840.jpg
Directed byMarc Allégret
Written byMarc Allégret
William Benjamin
Gabriel Arout
Odette Joyeux
Jean Marsan
Roger Vadim
StarringMylène Demongeot
Henri Vidal
Music byJean Wiener
CinematographyArmand Thirard
Release date
Box office$14.3 million[1]

Be Beautiful But Shut Up (French: Sois belle et tais-toi) is a French black-and-white crime comedy film made in 1958, directed by Marc Allégret.

The film features Alain Delon and Jean Paul Belmondo in early roles as members of a gang.

It was also known as Blonde for Danger.


The protagonist, played by Mylène Demongeot, is a teenage female orphan who after escaping from her detention center joins a gang of Parisian burglars, but then by coincidence meets a young police inspector (played by Henri Vidal) with whom she falls in love, marries and starts a decent life. The story shows how her former acquaintances from the criminal milieu become suspects in a jewel robbery.



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