Bear's Kiss

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Bear's Kiss
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Sergei Bodrov
Written by Sergei Bodrov
Carolyn Cavallero
Terrence Malick (uncredited)[citation needed]
Starring Rebecka Liljeberg
Sergei Bodrov Jr.
Joachim Król
Music by Gia Kancheli
Cinematography Xavier Pérez Grobet
Edited by Mette Zeruneith
Release date
September 13, 2002 (Italy)
Running time
101 minutes
Country Germany, Sweden, Russia, Spain, France, Italy
Language English

Bear's Kiss is a 2002 dramatic fantasy romance film directed by Sergei Bodrov.

A German, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, French, and Italian co-production, it tells the story of the circus girl Lola, who raises a bear from cubhood. When she discovers that the bear, named Misha, can transform into a young man, a secret romance between the two ensues. The film stars Rebecka Liljeberg as Lola and Sergei Bodrov Jr. as Misha.

The film has also been distributed under the titles Il Bacio dell'orso (Italy), Le baiser de l'ours (France), Der Kuss des Bären (Germany), El beso del oso (Spain), and Medvezhiy potseluy (Russia)

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