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Beauregard Houston-Montgomery is a doll collector and author on the subjects of doll making and doll collecting.[1] He was formerly the editor of a fashion periodical called Details (magazine).[1][2] He is also a socialite[3] and photographer.[4]

Doll collecting[edit]

Houston-Montgomery wrote extensively on different models of doll and was a contributing editor of Doll Reader.[5] He noted of competitor dolls of Barbie (pictured); Tressy and Dawn that they displayed a "glitzy lifestyle ... devoid of social responsibility, a precursor of the disco consciousness of the 1970s."[3] He commented on Mattel's belated adoption of Fashion dolls in the mid 1980s.[5]


He interviewed Kim Novak for Interview magazine in December 1986[6] and has featured in Vanity Fair.[7] He was a close friend of Andy Warhol.[3]

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