Beauty and the Breast

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Beauty and the Breast
DVD cover
Traditional 豐胸秘Cup
Simplified 丰胸秘Cup
Mandarin Fēng Xiōng Mì Cup
Cantonese Fung1 Hung1 Bei3 Cup
Directed by Raymond Yip
Produced by John Chong
Screenplay by Not a Woman
Starring Francis Ng
Michelle Reis
Daniel Wu
Music by Lincoln Lo
Cinematography Venus Keung
Thomas Yeung
Edited by Marco Mak
Mega Star Production
Bad Boy Film Culture
Distributed by Media Asia Distribution
Release date
24 January 2002 (2002-01-24)
Running time
97 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$3,164,690

Beauty and the Breast (Chinese: 豐胸秘Cup) is a 2002 Hong Kong comedy film directed by Raymond Yip, and starring Francis Ng, Michelle Reis and Daniel Wu.


The story is about Mario (Ng), who is an office loafer who specializes in praising and pleasing his boss, the good-for-nothing eldest son of a business tycoon. Mario considers Harper (Wu) his apprentice, and together the two go about town picking up women. Mario has a theory that links the characteristics of a woman's breasts to her character. Without knowing that Yuki (Reis) is going to be his new colleague, he predicts her to be of his type from the shape of her breasts while she is standing outside a glass window of a restaurant. Despite his deserving reputation of being a womanizer, Mario is really kind at heart, but he is soon lured into a bet with his boss and has to get Yuki into bed to win it. He comes up with the brilliant plan of telling her that he has a malignant brain tumor in its terminal stage. Thanks to his acting skill, she totally buys his story. Using his smooth tongue, Mario soon turns Yuki's sympathy into love. But it is not long before Yuki brings him home and her father, who is a Chinese traditional medicine doctor, diagnose his lie. Quietly Yuki and her female colleagues strike back with a vengeance. She fools Mario and his sidekick, Harper, into taking an excessive dose of a highly potent breast-enlarging tonic her father has concocted. Soon the two men are endowed with cup size many women would envy, but men would freak out.


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