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Beebdroid logo.png
Beebdroid running Starquake.png
Starquake running under Beebdroid
Developer(s) Little Fluffy Toys
Initial release October 2011; 5 years ago (2011-10)
Stable release
1.3 / 17 February 2012
Operating system Android 2.2+
Type Microcomputer emulator

Beebdroid is a free software[1][2] emulator for the BBC Micro, based on B-Em for Linux by Tom Walker.[3] It runs under Android and was developed by Reuben Scratton and Kenton Price and released [4] by Little Fluffy Toys in 2011.[5][6][7][8][9]


It features a full onscreen keyboard, optimised controls for the Xperia Play smartphone/console, access to games via disk images provided by and caters for saved games.[10]

Popular titles[edit]

The Google Analytics service led to publication of a list of popular game titles downloaded by users of the emulator.[11]

14 November 2011[11]
Rank Title
1 Chuckie Egg
2 Elite
3 Arcadians
4 Frak!
5 Citadel
6 Castle Quest
7 Jet Set Willy
8 Killer Gorilla
9 Manic Miner
10 Thrust
Rank Title
11 Repton
12 Mr.Ee!
13 Snapper
14 Stryker's Run
15 Super Invaders
16 Daredevil Dennis
17 Hopper
18 Hyper Viper
19 The Hobbit
20 Planetoid


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