Belgium at the 2012 Winter Youth Olympics

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Belgium at the
2012 Winter Youth Olympics
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg
IOC code BEL
NOC Belgian Olympic Committee
in Innsbruck
Competitors 7 in 5 sports
Flag bearer Sebbe De Buck[1]
Ranked 24th
Gold Silver Bronze Total
0 1 0 1
Winter Youth Olympics appearances

Belgium competed at the 2012 Winter Youth Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria. The Belgian team consisted of 7 athletes and 9 officials. Philippe Preat a former Belgian triathlete served as the Chef De Mission of the team.[2] Belgium concluded the Games with one silver medal, won by Dries Van Den Broecke.


Medal Name Sport Event Date
 Silver Dries Van Den Broecke Alpine Skiing Boys' Slalom 21 Jan

Alpine skiing pictogram.svg Alpine skiing[edit]

Belgium has qualified one boy in alpine skiing.[2]

Athlete Event Run 1 Run 2 Total Rank
Dries Van Den Broecke Boys' slalom 39.80 40.46 1:20.26 2nd, silver medalist(s)
Boys' Super-G DNF
Boys' combined DNF
Boys' giant slalom 1:05.32 55.76 2:01.08 23

Figure skating pictogram.svg Figure skating[edit]

Belgium has qualified one boy and one girl figure skater.[2]

Athlete(s) Event SP FS Total
Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank
Timothée Manand Boys' 25.06 16 57.30 15 82.36 16
Lieselotte Swerts Girls' 30.73 15 54.84 16 85.57 16

Ice hockey pictogram.svg Ice hockey[edit]

Belgium has qualified one girl to compete in the skills challenge competition.[2]

Athlete(s) Event Qualification Grand final
Points Rank Points Rank
Renée De Wolf Individual skills 14 10 Did not advance

Snowboarding pictogram.svg Snowboarding[edit]

Belgium has qualified two male athletes in snowboarding.[2]

Athlete Event Qualifying Semifinal Final
Run 1 Run 2 Rank Run 1 Run 2 Rank Run 1 Run 2 Rank
Sebbe De Buck Boys' halfpipe 76.75 45.50 2 Q 33.50 24.00 12
Boys' slopestyle 84.25 58.00 2 Q 28.00 43.50 14
Stef Van Deursen Boys' halfpipe 44.50 47.50 11 Did not advance
Boys' slopestyle 59.00 42.75 11 Did not advance

Speed skating pictogram.svg Speed skating[edit]

Belgium has qualified one female athlete.[3]

Athlete Event Race 1 Race 2 Total Rank
Anne Michiels Girls' 500 m 45.27 45.68 90.95 10
Girls' 3000 m 5:15.04 12
Girls' Mass Start 6:21.26 14

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