Belgrade Planetarium

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Belgrade Planetarium
Београдски планетаријум
Belgrade Planetarium closeup.jpg
Aerial view on Belgrade Planetarium
Belgrade Planetarium is located in Belgrade
Belgrade Planetarium
Location within Belgrade
General information
Town or cityBelgrade
Coordinates44°49′30.9″N 20°26′58.8″E / 44.825250°N 20.449667°E / 44.825250; 20.449667Coordinates: 44°49′30.9″N 20°26′58.8″E / 44.825250°N 20.449667°E / 44.825250; 20.449667
Construction started1860
Opened1867; 152 years ago (1867)
ClientAstronomical Society Ruđer Bošković
OwnerGovernment of Serbia

Belgrade Planetarium (Serbian: Београдски планетаријум, translit. Beogradski planetarijum) is one of two planetariums in Serbia. It is located in Belgrade and is operated by the Astronomical Society Ruđer Bošković. Before 1967 it was known as the "Turkish bath in Lower Town".[1]


The edifice was originally built as the Turkish bath (hamam), in the Lower Town section of the Belgrade Fortress. It was constructed between 1860 and 1867, when Ottomans left the fortress. During the World War I it was used as the military bath. The building was almost demolished as the result of the 1944 explosion in the nearby East Gate of the fortress.[1]

After the city Institute for the protection of the cultural monuments was founded, the Institute initiated the reconstruction of the hamam in 1962, citing the building's "undisputed monumental properties". The reconstruction was finished in 1964 and the venue remained unused until 1967. The planetarium of the Astronomical Society Ruđer Bošković was installed in 1967-68.[1]

The planetarium's instrument, little Zeiss's planetarium ZKP-2 (Zeiss Kleine Planetarium-2), was purchased at the Belgrade Fair of technology in 1966 thanks to Josip Broz Tito, after an initiative of the members of the Society. Unofficially, it started working in 1969, and officially in the 1970. The planetarium's hall has a diameter of eight meters and eighty seats.

The main visitors to the planetarium are students of Belgrade primary and high schools. Following periodic activities of the Society are taking place in the Planetarium:

  • Astronomy courses for beginners (spring and autumn; in spring of 2007, the eightieth course was held)
  • Belgrade Astronomical weekend
  • Summer astronomy meetings


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