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Generalsgatan 2A

The Bellevue Mosque (Swedish: Bellevuemoskén) is a mosque in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is located at Generalsgatan 2A in the "Bellevue" district of Gothenburg. The mosque is administered by the Somali-dominated Islamic Sunni Centre Denomination (Swedish: Islamiska Sunnicentret Trossamfund, ISC) and advocates the Salafi movement of Islam.[1][2]

The mosque has been in the focus of media several times for its alleged ties to various Islamist and terrorist-designated organizations.[3] According to an article in Göteborgs-Tidningen, Mirsad Bektašević, the Swedish citizen of Bosniak descent who was convicted on terrorism-related charges in Sarajevo in 2007, was a frequent attendee of the Bellevue Mosque.[4] In the same article it was further claimed that the mosque had financial ties to the al-Haramain Foundation,[4] a Saudi-based charity group which has been listed on the United Nations list of "entities belonging to or associated with al-Qaeda". Representatives from the foundation are also said to have visited the mosque at several occasions.[4]

In December 2006 it was reported that the mosque has been used to collect money for the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) in Somalia.[5]

In July 2009 it was reported that Xasan Xuseen, described as spiritual leader of the Somali Islamist group al-Shabaab, had been invited to speak at a conference at the mosque.[1] al-Shabaab has carried out several suicide attacks in Somalia and is designated as a terrorist organization by the United States Department of State.[6] It is also described, although not officially designated, as a terrorist organization by the Swedish Security Service among others.[1][7]

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