Belmeken Dam

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Belmeken Reservoir
Belmeken dam.jpg
Location Rila Mountains
Coordinates 42°06′42″N 23°48′01″E / 42.11167°N 23.80028°E / 42.11167; 23.80028Coordinates: 42°06′42″N 23°48′01″E / 42.11167°N 23.80028°E / 42.11167; 23.80028
Type reservoir
Basin countries Bulgaria
Max. length 3.98 km (2.47 mi)
Max. width 1.2 km (0.75 mi)
Water volume 140×10^6 m3 (4.9×10^9 cu ft)[1]
Surface elevation 1,923 m (6,309 ft)[1]

The Belmeken (Bulgarian: Белмекен) dam is situated in the Rila Mountains and is the highest dam lake on the Balkan peninsula. There is a pumped-storage plant built on the lake (PSP) (Bulgarian: ПАВЕЦ). It is part of the cascade Belmeken-Chaira-Sestrimo. Part of the water used in the PSP is returned by its pumps, while the rest is sent through tunnels in the Sestriomo WPP (Water Power Plant). From there it flows again through tunnels to the third and last dam with Chaira PSP[clarification needed]. The construction of a fourth dam, Iadenitsa, is in progress and will be finished in the coming years.

Chaira PSP is the largest in southeast Europe, and first in the world as regards the highest head for a single-stage pump turbine (690 m generating and 701 m pumping).[1]

Belmeken Dam Reservoir Bulgaria


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