Beme Seed

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Beme Seed
Beme Seed.jpeg
A publicity photo of Beme Seed circa 1989.
Background information
OriginNew York City, New York, U.S.
Years active1988-1992
Past members
  • Kathleen Lynch
  • Michael Albin
  • Eric Jacobs
  • R.S.C. Barrett
  • Kenny Savelson

Beme Seed was a New York based psychedelic noise rock band led by Kathleen Lynch, known for her collaboration with the Butthole Surfers. The band utilized guitar feedback and chanting to invoke a droning atmosphere in their music described as "panic inducing",[1] and "supernatural".[2] Trouser Press said of the band: "Lacking the minimal organization of even the Sun City Girls, Beme Seed captures unique psychic qualities on its three opaque and unsettling records."[1] The demise of Beme Seed in 1992 can be seen as marking the transition from the "underground music" of the 1980s to the "alternative rock" of the early 1990s.[1]


  • Beme Seed (1989, released on vinyl under the alternate title The Future Is Attacking)[2]
  • Lights Unfold (1990)
  • Purify (1992)


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