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Bench Global Ltd.
Privately held company
FounderLuke Warren
Area served
Owner(50% owned by Emeram Capital GmbH, 50% independently owned)
Bench in Promenade

Bench Global Ltd. (usually branded as "Bench.") is a British clothing brand that is sold worldwide, including in Europe and Canada. The company was founded in Manchester, England,[1] and specialises in streetwear.


The brand began in 1989 creating graphic T-shirt designs influenced by skateboarding. Over the years, Bench. has evolved into a global lifestyle brand. And now sells not only menswear but womenswear,[1] including denim, trousers, sweats, hoodies, belts, bags, skirts and dresses.

The company appointed administrators in May 2018.[2]

Supply chain[edit]

Although the company sells through many retailers in the United Kingdom, they also have their own stores in Westfield London, Bluewater, Liverpool One, Glasgow, The Trafford Centre (Manchester), Meadowhall (Sheffield), Metro Centre, Portsmouth, Brighton, Leicester, Nottingham, Leeds, Bristol, and a number of designer outlet centres. Internationally, they have their own stores in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Jena, Munich, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Alberta, Saskatoon, Toronto, Kingston, Montreal, Kelowna, and Vancouver. In Canada, through an exclusive arrangement, Bench is being sold at Hudson's Bay Stores. In Croatia, through an exclusive agreement, Bench is being sold at Kruna Mode stores. They currently have 10 stores in the country; 5 in Split, 2 in Zagreb, 2 in Zaprešić, and 1 in Kaštela.[3]


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