Beni Snous

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Beni Snous
بني سنوس
Commune and town
Beni Snous
Beni Snous
DZ-13-17 - Beni Snous - Wilaya Tlemcen.svg
Beni Snous is located in Algeria
Beni Snous
Beni Snous
Coordinates: 34°38′34.76″N 1°33′41.22″W / 34.6429889°N 1.5614500°W / 34.6429889; -1.5614500
Country  Algeria
Province Tlemcen Province
District Beni Snous District
Population (2008)
 • Total 11,318
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
Postal Code 13037

Beni Snous or Aït Snous (Arabic: بني سنوس‎) is a town and commune in Tlemcen Province in northwestern Algeria.[1]


Beni Snous Commune's territory is situated in the west of the wilaya of Tlemcen. The city of El Fahs (Beni Hammou), is situated at 41 km in the South-West of Tlemcen.

Relief and hydrography[edit]

The municipality of Beni Snous is situated on the monts de Tlemcen (Mounts of Tlemcen)

Localities of the municipality[edit]

In 1984, the commune of Beni Snous is constituted from the following localities:[2]

  • El-Fahs (chef-lieu)
  • Menzel
  • Khémis
  • Ouled Moussa
  • Ouled Arbi
  • Béni Achir
  • Mzoughen Aimani
  • Sidi Larbi
  • Mazer
  • Ouled Bouchama
  • Béni Zidaz
  • Gasba


Coordinates: 34°40′48″N 1°28′23″W / 34.68000°N 1.47306°W / 34.68000; -1.47306