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Benjamin Willard, Jr. (1743 – 1803) was a U.S. clockmaker.

The Willard Family[edit]

Benjamin Willard, Jr. was the eldest of four brothers who were notable clockmakers in central Massachusetts during the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

The other Willard brothers involved in clockmaking include:


Born in Grafton, Massachusetts on March 19, 1743, Benjamin was the first of the Willard family to enter the business of clockmaking, a craft which he began around 1765.

He operated a workshop at his family home in Grafton, but by December, 1771 lived in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Benjamin died in Baltimore, Maryland in 1803.


Although not as famous as his younger brother, Simon, Benjamin nonetheless was a prominent and well-known clockmaker in his day. A number of Benjamin Willard clocks survive today and are considered collectible.

The Willard home and workshop in Grafton are preserved and operate as a museum.

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