White Swiss Shepherd Dog

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White Swiss Shepherd Dog
a pure white dog in snow
Other namesBerger Blanc Suisse
Height Dogs 60–66 cm (24–26 in)
Bitches 55–61 cm (22–24 in)
Weight Dogs 30–40 kg (66–88 lb)
Bitches 25–35 kg (55–77 lb)
Coat thick, of medium but variable length
Colour white
Litter size 8
Life span 12 years
Kennel club standards
FCI standard
Dog (domestic dog)

The White Swiss Shepherd Dog (French: Berger Blanc Suisse, German: Weisser Schweizer Schäferhund, Italian: Pastore Svizzero Bianco) is a breed of dog from Switzerland. It descends from American White Shepherds imported to Switzerland; the White Shepherd itself descends from white-coloured purebred German Shepherds.


According to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) standard for the breed, the White Swiss Shepherd is a "powerful, well-muscled, medium-sized" dog with erect, pointed ears. Their coat is a "double coat which is either of medium length or long", and is always white, with dark skin. They have a "elegant, harmonious outline".[1] Their eyes range from light to dark brown and are almond-shaped.[1]


White Swiss Shepherds are, similar to their German Shepherd forebears, lively and alert dogs. They are friendlier with strangers than German Shepherds tend to be. They are very intelligent and adaptable, easy to train and loyal dogs.[1]


White-coloured German Shepherds were once banned from registration in their native Germany, but in the United States and Canada the colouration gained a following and a breed club was formed specifically for white-coloured German Shepherds, calling their variety the White Shepherd.[2] The first stud dog of what became the White Swiss Shepherd Dog was an American dog born in 1966 that was imported to Switzerland.[2] The variety was provisionally accepted as a breed by the FCI in 2002, and received full acceptance in 2011.[1] The Kennel Club of the United Kingdom officially recognized it in 2017.[3]

Its herding abilities are similar to those of the German Shepherd.[4]

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