Bernart de Panassac

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Bernart de Panassac (Occitan pronunciation: [berˈnard de panaˈsak]) (fl. 1323–1333) was the minor lord (donzel et seigneur) of Arrouède and one of the last troubadours. He founded the Consistori del Gay Saber in Toulouse and was a member of the Pléiade. He composed one vers (a metaphysical song) in honour of the Virgin Mary and one canso. His work was analysed in the Gloza of Raimon de Cornet.

He died after 23 December 1335 and before 23 January 1336 at Arrouède, having just been sentenced to a heavy fine by the Parlement of Paris for having instigated a series of murders and other crimes in the counties of Armagnac and Astarac.[1]


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