Immortal Verses

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Immortal Verses
Submersed immortal verses.jpg
Studio album by Submersed
Released September 18, 2007
Genre Hard rock, post-grunge, alternative rock
Label Wind-up
Producer Rick Beato
Submersed chronology
In Due Time
(2004)In Due Time2004
Immortal Verses
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AbsolutePunk (92%)[1]

Immortal Verses is the second and final album from Submersed, released on September 18, 2007. It will be the first Submersed album without guitarist Eric Friedman as a member of the band, but he did have songwriting credits. Writing for the album carried from late 2005 through 2006, and recording for the effort began in February 2007 with producer Rick Beato (who has also produced albums by Shinedown). Tracking was completed as of April 14. During the week of April 25, the songs "I Feel the Change" and "Better Think Again" were the subject of an alternative poll at, a service owned by Mediabase that allows consumers to rate music for the radio and record industries. As of August 22, 2006 the band has confirmed the final track listing for the effort. On June 11 of that year, TuneLab Music revealed that the album would be released on September 18, 2007. An early version of Immortal Verses including "The Rescue" but without "Price of Fame" was leaked in late August.

Track listing[edit]

Immortal Verses
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Better Think Again" Donald Carpenter, Rick Beato, Marc Tompkins 4:17
2. "Price of Fame" Carpenter 3:54
3. "Life Without You" Carpenter, T.J. Davis, Kelan Luker, Garrett Whitlock, Eric Friedman, Jason Suecof 3:22
4. "Over Now" Carpenter, Beato 3:52
5. "I Feel the Change" Carpenter, Beato, Tompkins 4:00
6. "We All Make Mistakes" Carpenter, Beato 4:13
7. "An Artist Prayer" Carpenter 3:45
8. "Sarah & Johnny" Davis, Luker, Whitlock, Friedman 4:14
9. "At First Sight" Carpenter, Friedman 4:40
10. "Wonder" Carpenter, Davis, Luker, Whitlock, Friedman, Tony Battaglia 4:02
11. "Rewind" Carpenter, Beato, Tompkins 4:28
12. "Answers" Carpenter, Davis, Luker, Whitlock 3:44


  1. "You Know Everything"
  2. "Lonely Road"
  3. "Everything"
  4. "Keep You Waiting"
  5. "Guilty Pleasure"
  6. "Inquisition"
  7. "Inside These Songs"
  8. "My Pen Is Mightier"
  9. "Messenger"
  10. "See You In Heaven"
  11. "We Stand Alone"
  12. "Best Of Me (Acoustic)"
  13. "Coward (Acoustic)"
  14. "The Rescue (Instrumental)"



Production and design[edit]