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Bhilkati is located in Maharashtra
Location in Maharashtra, India
Coordinates: 18°1′10″N 74°22′26″E / 18.01944°N 74.37389°E / 18.01944; 74.37389Coordinates: 18°1′10″N 74°22′26″E / 18.01944°N 74.37389°E / 18.01944; 74.37389
Country India
State Maharashtra
District Satara
 • Type Elective Gram Panchayat
 • Body Gram Panchayat
 • Total 2,400
 • Official Marathi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Bhilkati is a village in Phaltan tehsil of Satara district in Maharashtra state of India. The main profession of the community is farming. Nearly 1,000 people of different castes and religion stay in Bhilkati peacefully since the ages. Community is mainly divided by 50-50% Buddhist and Hindu.

There is no post office or public transport facilities in Bhilkati. It sells animals such as elephants and cow herders.


The village has a primary school up to the fifth standard. Students need to go elsewhere if they wish to continue their education. Students mainly go to schools in nearby villages like Phadtarwadi and Nimbhore to study up to matriculation; some students head towards the nearby town of Phaltan. In Bhilkati few persons got education of Biotechnology, science, Agricultural (Agribusiness Management), M.C.M Information Technology and traveled many countries through the profession. Janabai Sampat Bhosale & Sundar Kamble are two of the Social person working for poor. His main role in anti corruption activity was famous in Satara district. his fast against corruption in village Bhilkati against corruption of fund for Dalit Vasti Sudharna was dominated by Samajkalyan personnel and political leaders of Phaltan.

Apart from the local politics, people in Bhilkati have passion in farming and there are notable invention by community in farming give them rewards. Nitin Kamble's initiatives of co-operative industry is notable and it is giving shape towards communities own enterprise as steel manufacturing co-operative company.