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Satguru Brahm Sagar Ji Maharaj(Bhuriwale)

Satguru Brahm Sagar Ji Maharaj Bhuriwale:(Hindi: सतगुरु ब्रह्म सागर जी महाराज भूरीवाले) (1862–1947) was an Indian religious figure. He was born in Rampur Dham in the Rupnagar district of Punjab.


He was the founder of Maharaj Bhuriwale(Garib Dassi) sampradaye. He was called by the name of "Bhuriwale (भूरीवाले)" Maharaj because he used to wear a black colored shawl that is called as "Bhuri" in Punjab. It too has a Bhuri ko Bhukhar (भूरी को बुखार) story behind it.

Acharya Garib Das Ji: Guru of the Founder[edit]

Brahm Sagar Ji Bhuriwale was the follower of Acharya Garib Das Ji of Chhudani village of Jhajjar district in Haryana. Acharya Garib Das Ji preached the divine baani (message, literally voice) in the area that is now covered by the current states of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana. He taught the rural people of Punjab to live a life of sacrement and honesty.

Founder: Brahm Sagar Ji Bhuriwale[edit]

In the Bhuriwale Sampradaye, Sandhia Aarti is performed to Guru Garib Das Granth, he is worshipped by all his devotees every evening. Brahm Sagar Ji had a great devotion towards the birthplace of their Guru Acharya Garib Das, which is called Shri Chhudani Dham in Haryana.

Construction of temple at Chhudani Dham by the Founder[edit]

A magnificent temple was made at Chhudani village in Jhajjar district of Haryana under the guidance of Brahm Sagar Ji, where clothes and other vestments of Baba Garib Das Ji are displayed in open showcases for the Darshans of followers in Shri Chhudani Dham temple. The first Handwritten manuscript is placed and maintained by the present head of Garid Das's Bhuriwale sect, Mahant Dayasagar (Meharban Sahib).

Lal Das Ji Bhuriwale[edit]

Lal Das Ji was the then appointed as successor of Brahm Sagar Ji Bhuriwale. Brahm Sagar Ji Bhuriwale called Lal Das Ji his Lal (son).

Brahma Nand Ji Bhuriwale[edit]

After Lal Das Ji's Joti Jot (demise), Brahma Nand Ji Bhuriwale (formerly known as Gauanwale) was appointed the next Guru. He too, along with his preaching, gifted the followers by opening schools and many degree colleges under the banner of his Gurus, especially for the girls in the rural areas like district Hoshiarpur district, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar district, Ludhiana district, Ropar district.

He worked for the betterment of "Cows, Girls and Poor", he opened many Gaushalas and colleges. Nowadays, these are managed by the registered Trust, namely Maharaj Bhuriwale (Garibdassi) Education trust, which was registered in 1984.

Chetna Nand Ji Bhuriwale[edit]

Brahma Nand Ji was succeeded by the current Gaddi Nashin (spiritual leader) Guru, Chetna Nand Ji. Chetna Nand Ji is known as Vedhant Acharya Swami Chetna Nand Ji Bhuriwale among his followers. He is also known as known as "Kashiwale".

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