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Bianca Kappler after her fifth place at the World Championships in 2007

Bianca Kappler (born 8 August 1977 in Hamburg) is a German long jumper.


She finished ninth at the 2004 Olympic Games. She competed at the World Championships in 2003 and 2005 without reaching the finals.

At the 2005 European Indoor Championships her last jump was measured to 6.96 metres, which would have secured her the gold medal by a comfortable margin. However, Kappler admitted to the referees that she could not possibly have jumped 6.96 m, which would be 30 cm further than her personal best at the time. Video analysis confirmed the mismeasurement and the jump was ruled invalid.[1] The silver medal was won in 6.64 m, while Kappler remained with 6.53 m. She was later awarded a bronze medal for fair play.

At the 2007 European Indoor Championships she finished fourth, equalling her indoor personal best of 6.63 metres. Her personal best jump is 6.90 metres, achieved in July 2007 in Bad Langensalza. Her partner is the Austrian decathlete Klaus Ambrosch.

Competition record[edit]

Kappler at Mannheim DLV Competition 2011
Year Competition Venue Position Notes
Representing  Germany
1999 European U23 Championships Gothenburg, Sweden NM
2002 European Indoor Championships Vienna, Austria 15th (q) 6.20 m
2003 World Championships Paris, France 14th (q) 6.50 m
2004 World Indoor Championships Budapest, Hungary 14th (q) 6.47 m
Olympic Games Athens, Greece 8th 6.66 m
2005 European Indoor Championships Madrid, Spain 3rd 6.53 m
World Championships Helsinki, Finland 19th (q) 6.35 m
2007 European Indoor Championships Birmingham, United Kingdom 4th 6.63 m
World Championships Osaka, Japan 5th 6.81 m
2009 World Championships Berlin, Germany 25th (q) 6.29 m
2010 World Indoor Championships Doha, Qatar 12th (q) 6.37 m
European Championships Barcelona, Spain 17th (q) 6.50 m
2011 World Championships Daegu, South Korea 14th (q) 6.48 m


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