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Stable release 2.4 / March 6, 2016; 5 months ago (2016-03-06)
Development status Active
Written in Perl
Platform Cross-platform
License Artistic License 2.0

Biber is a bibliography information processing program and works in conjunction with the LaTeX package biblatex and offers full Unicode support.[1]


Biber is a replacement for the BibTeX software often used to generate a bibliography in LaTeX. Biber offers a large superset of BibTeX functionality, and offers additionally full Unicode support which is hard to achieve with BibTeX. Given the same data file as input, biber should output a functionally identical .bbl file as BibTeX.[1]

Biber is written in Perl and includes the following features: full Unicode support, user-definable mapping and suppression of fields, multiple bibliography lists, no memory limitations, and extensibility.[1] However, some LaTeX packages have an explicit dependence on BibTeX itself and will not work with biber, examples are natbib.


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