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Bibinje is located in Croatia
Location of Bibinje in Croatia
the Bibinje municipality within the Zadar County

Bibinje (Croatian pronunciation: [bǐbiɲe], Italian: Argimbusi, Latin: Vibiana) is a village in southern Croatia, situated southeast from Zadar, between the Adriatic tourist road and the sea, having a four kilometer coastline with beaches and pathways. It has 3,923 residents (census 2001), 97% which are Croats.

The name Bibano/Bibanium dates as far back as the 11th century. The population always depended on agriculture and cattle breeding, followed by the fishing trade in more recent times.


Tourism dates back to the middle of the 20th century. There is a marina in the Bibinje area called Dalmacija, with various facilities. Its area is about 70,000 m2, and it is the largest Adriatic marina with 1,400 berths.

Visitors are greeted by their hosts and welcome to rent rooms and apartments with accommodation for approximately 2,500 guests in 800 registered rooms and apartments. There are several camps to choose from, all of them situated a few meters from the sea. Local restaurants offer special dishes of the region, there are cafes, small shops, a self-service shop in the town center, a repair shop for vehicles and boat engines. There is a post office with money exchange office, a kindergarten, a general practice clinic, a dentist's office, and a drugstore.

One can always get all the necessary information in the Bibinje tourist office concerning accommodation or entertainment. There is a very interesting ethnographic collection in the town museum, and sacral 15th century exhibits in the John the Baptist's Church. There are five Catholic churches in Bibinje.

The town is home to a monument to the first Croatian president Franjo Tuđman and a memorial entitled Greeting to the Sea.[1]


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