Big Stick (band)

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Big Stick
Big stick split a.jpg
Background information
Origin New York City, United States
Genres Alternative
Years active 1986–present
Labels Blast First
Members John Gill and Yanna Trance

Big Stick are an alternative/independent small town relatively unknown community college band that gained some airplay on local college radio station late night shows with their debut release, the Drag Racing EP in 1986. It was instantly recognizable for Yanna Trance's disturbing voice repeatedly speaking the line "In the summer I wear my tube top, and Eddie takes me to the dragstrip" throughout the track. It was one of the 142 singles in BBC DJ John Peel's Record Box that he'd picked to rescue in case of a fire.[1]

In 1990, Blast First records released a box set of 10 7" singles by various artists on their roster, including Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Big Black, the Butthole Surfers and Sun Ra. The box set was named after the Big Stick track it contained, Devil's Jukebox.

While the band stayed together and more recently have performed with My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult,[2] it is still for Drag Racing that they are best known. They have also collaborated on a film soundtrack, for Besotted.[3]

Discography [4][edit]

  • Drag Racing (Blast First/Rough Trade 12″ E.P. 1986)
  • Live in London (Recess cassette 1986)
  • “Jesus Was Born on an Indian Reservation” (Target You compilation cassette on Wally and the Beaver 1986)
  • “Drag Racing”/”Hell on Earth” (Recess Records 7″ 1986)
  • “Drag Racing”/”Hell on Earth”/”I Look Like Shit” (Recess Records 7″ 1986)
  • Crack Attack (Buy Our Records 12″ E.P. 1987)
  • “Crack Attack” (EMI 12″ single 1988)
  • Crack N’ Drag (Blast First/Mute 12″ L.P. 1988)
  • “Joe Turner Blues” and “Black Cow” (Big Stick/Sebadoh split EP, Sonic Life magazine, March 1989)
  • “Devil's Jukebox” (Nothing Short of Total War compilation L.P. featuring Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers, Dinosaur Jr. Blast First/Mute 1989)
  • “Drag Racing” and “Devil's Jukebox” (Devil's Jukebox box set of 7″ records by Blast First bands Blast First/Mute 1990)
  • Drag Racing Underground featuring “Broadcast Booth” and “Hellfire” (Snakeskin UK 7″ 1990)
  • Drag Racing (Chrome Smoke & Fire Robert Williams double L.P. picture disc compilation Blast First/Mute 1991)
  • “Hellfire”/”Broadcast Booth” (Snakeskin 7″ 1992) (as "Drag Racing Underground" for legal reasons)
  • Hoochie Koo Time (Blast First/Mute 10″ E.P. 1992)
  • Hedonist Chariot (Albertine LP 1993) (as "Drag Racing Underground" for legal reasons)
  • “Freddie and Me” (Manhattan on the Rocks compilation LP Pow Wow 1994)
  • “Summerday” (Pow Wow CD single 1996)
  • “Panther” (Pow Wow CD single 1996)
  • Pro Drag (Pow Wow L.P. 1996)[5]
  • Hot From The Strip (Recess Records 2004)


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