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Biruda is a mixture of five seeds of crops used for worshipping and blessing during the Gaura Festival. These five seed mixture is made up of gaut, grussa,gahu,maas and kerau. This festival is mainly celebrated in Far-western region of Nepal and this mixture Biruda is mainly eaten in this region.In Gaura festival it is believed that god Mahesh (Shiv) got married with goddess Gaura (Parwati).

In the day of biruda panchami this mixture is kept with water in a copper (generally) pot to make them wet. Next day the mixture is washed and water is replaced with full customs and worship of Goddess Gaura. Next day this process recontinues. Finally, forth day from panchmi called astami, all women who wore a sacred thread dubi dhaka fast for good fortune of them and their family members. Whole day women worship goddess Gaura chanting different mantras and folk songs. At last near to end every one gets up, biruda and fruits are kept into cloths and the cloth is pushed towards sky every one start to catch any thing they can, it is believed that it is good for fortune to catch these things.