Bizunesh Bekele

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Bizunesh Bekele
Born 1936
Died 25 June 1990
Nationality Ethiopian
Known for Singing

Bizunesh Bekele (var. Bezunesh Bekele,[1] Amharic: ብዙነሽ በቀለ?; 1936 – 25 June 1990) was an Ethiopian soul singer who was popular in the 1960s and 1970s.

She was born in 1936. Bizunesh has been called the "Aretha Franklin of Ethiopia"[citation needed] and the "First Lady of Addis".[2] Bizunesh recorded popular songs in the 1970s such as "Chenk Tibeb" and "Ayasayegn chinkun". She sang in the Amharic language. She sometimes sang with the Gurage singer Mahmoud Ahmed. They were both known for appearing with the Imperial Body Guard Band or the Dahlak Banb.

She is featured on the recording Ethiopian Groove - The Golden Seventies (1994, Buda Musique).


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