Black Drin

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Black Drin
Black Drim wells.jpg
Black Drin
Origin Lake Ohrid
Mouth Drin
42°5′30″N 20°23′41″E / 42.09167°N 20.39472°E / 42.09167; 20.39472Coordinates: 42°5′30″N 20°23′41″E / 42.09167°N 20.39472°E / 42.09167; 20.39472
Basin countries Albania
Black Drin flowing out of Lake Ohrid.

The Black Drin, or Black Drim (Albanian: Drini i Zi: meaning "the black deer"; Macedonian: Црн Дрим: Transliterated: Crn Drim) is a river in Republic of Macedonia and Albania. It flows out of Lake Ohrid in Struga, Macedonia. After about 50 km (31 mi) it crosses the border to Albania, west of Debar, Macedonia. It merges with the White Drin in Kukës to form the Drin, which flows into the Adriatic Sea. It drains most of the eastern border region of Albania.


Black Drin in Struga

This part of Albania is an agricultural-based site. The main agricultural products are corn and barley, but silviculture is evolving, as well. The Ohrid trout, which is a form of salmon, can also be found in parts of the river at times.

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