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Main source Shëngjergj, Tirana County, Albania
River mouth Adriatic Sea
41°26′12″N 19°27′35″E / 41.43667°N 19.45972°E / 41.43667; 19.45972Coordinates: 41°26′12″N 19°27′35″E / 41.43667°N 19.45972°E / 41.43667; 19.45972
Country Albania
Length 109 km

The Erzen is a river in western Albania. Its source is in the mountains east of Tirana, near the village Shëngjergj. It flows west through Bërzhitë, Petrelë, Vaqarr, Ndroq, Shijak and Sukth. It flows into the Adriatic Sea near Sukth, north of Durrës. Apparently, all twenty-two victims of the 1951 massacre were dumped into the river on Enver Hoxha's orders, only to later be found wrapped tightly in barbed tape.


Map with the drainage basins of the Albanian rivers: Erzen is in the center of the map.