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The Black Spur

Black Spur Drive

Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans) along the Maroondah Highway on the Black Spur
General information
Length30 km (19 mi)
Major junctions
Southwest endHealesville
Northeast endNarbethong

The Black Spur is a road between the towns of Healesville and Narbethong in Victoria, Australia. It is also known as Black Spur Drive, and is part of the Maroondah Highway.[1]


  • Length (km): 30
  • Corner Ratio: 80%
  • Corner Speeds: 60–120 km/h
  • Legal Speed Limit: 80 km/h
  • Traffic (cars/min): 2–5
  • Bumpiness: Smooth
  • Bitumen Grip: Very grippy
  • Special Notes: Rainforest means often damp and bark on road in winter and firestorms in summer.


The Black Spur is located about 60 km ENE from Melbourne on the Maroondah Hwy between Healesville and Marysville. To reach the Black Spur, travel along the Eastern Arterial to Ringwood Bypass. Turn left at Maroondah Hwy and follow until you arrive at Healesville. Alternatively, travel through Cardinia Reservoir – Emerald – Yarra Junction – Warburton.


The road, originally known as "The Blacks' Spur", gained its name from the route taken by displaced Aboriginal people from northern Victoria on their way to a mission settlement at Corranderrk near Healesville.[2]

Description of road[edit]

The road surface is excellent after the recent (as of August 2006) resurfacing with smooth hot-mix and recent (as of 2006) widening. It is twisty with a series of hairpin turns punctuated by short straights. A few corners are prone to dampness due to the ferny rainforest surroundings. Scenery is beautiful tall trees and ferns typical of temperate rainforest. A large section of Black Spur was damaged in the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires.

Street Racing[edit]

The road is a known Tōge-racing spot, with amateur racers, often in tuned/modified cars, driving back and forth at high speed late at night.

In March 2008, the Victorian state government allocated $547,000 to improve road safety on the Black Spur. Stage 1 of the works has involved reducing the speed limit from 100 km/h to 80 km/h, effective Thursday 29 May 2008.[3]

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