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Blackhole Cover.jpg
Developer(s) FiolaSoft Studio
Publisher(s) FiolaSoft Studio
Producer(s) Filip Kraucher[1]
Designer(s) Vojta Stránský
Vojta Šiman
Patrik Strnad
Programmer(s) Vojta Stránský
Artist(s) Radek Jakl
Writer(s) Filip Kraucher
Composer(s) Jakub Miřejovský
Jan Ševčík
David Kopecký
Engine Game Maker
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release Microsoft Windows
  • WW: 27 February 2015
PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • WW: 8 August 2017
Genre(s) Platform game
Mode(s) Single-player

Blackhole is a Czech indie platform video game by FiolaSoft Studio. Developers worked with let‘s players and YouTubers on the script for the story and for building the characters.[2] The game was released on February 27, 2015. [3] A port for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, titled Blackhole: Complete Edition, was released on 8 August, 2017.[4]


Blackhole is a classical two dimensional platform. The player's task is to collect "selfburns." At least one selfburn must be collected in each level to move on. If all the selfburns are collected in the level, the time is saved. The player can try to get a better time in each level if he collects all the selfburns. To finish the game, the player needs to collect a certain number of selfburns.

The game contains six acts, including Cave, Jungle, and Desert. Every act is set in a different environment and includes different puzzles or objects. For example, The jungle includes trampolines and the desert includes pushable crates. Each act includes a special platform that changes gravity. The Secret of the Entity, a free DLC, has the player collecting special dark selfburns to fuel the spaceship in even harder levels. Steam rating of '9/10' Metacritic 82%


The game is set in 2121. Earth is threatened by black holes. A group of astronauts are sent on a mission to neutralize the black holes. Their effort is successful until their ship is swallowed by one of the massive black holes. The player takes control of the ship‘s coffee-maker assistant (known to the developers and crew as "Coffee Guy"[5]) accompanied by the ship’s artificial intelligence loaded into a PDA. The Coffee Guy must collect nanobots called selfburns to repair the ship and to find the rest of the crew.[2][6][7]


Developers originally intended to remake PacIn: Revenge of Nermessis, FiolaSoft Studio's previous title. Unlike the original game, the remake was intended to be released on Steam (Software) and in English. Due to technical problems, the game was cancelled and FiolaSoft started to work on a new project. Vojta Stránský, a member of the FiolaSoft team, began production of a prototype. The prototype interested other members of FiolaSoft and they began to work on it, naming it Blackhole. Blackhole was announced in March 2014 at Game Expo 2014 in Bratislava. Developers also started a Steam Greenlight campaign, and in May 2014 the game was greenlit.[2][8][9]

The game was originally scheduled to be released in September 2014, but was delayed several times before being finally released of February 27, 2015. [10]

Developers started to work on a DLC after the release of the original game. The first DLC, titled Testing Laboratory, was released on May 19, 2015. It serves as a prequel to the original game and tells the story about how the Coffee Guy gained his position in the Endera mission.[11] Developers released a free expansion, The Secret of the Entity, on July 13, 2015. The expansion adds 12 new hardcore levels set right after the end of the original game when the Captain finds out that Endera is low on fuel.[12] Both add-ons are included as part of Complete Edition.


The game has received generally positive reviews from critics. It currently has a rating of 82% at Metacritic.[13] Destructoid gave the game 9/10, praising the gameplay for requiring thinking as well as platform skills. The review also praised the writing, even though "it could be delivered in a more convenient fashion."[14]


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