Blackstar (band)

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Origin Liverpool, England
Genres Hard rock
Years active 1997–1999
Labels Peaceville Records
Past members Jeffrey Walker
Carlo Regadas
Ken Owen
Mark Griffiths

Blackstar was a British hard rock band, formed as a retooling of the band Carcass in 1995 without Bill Steer along with former Cathedral guitarist Mark Griffiths. The band name comes from a Carcass song off the Swansong 1996 album. Thus far they have released only a single album. After a while the band was forced to change its name to Blackstar Rising. The band dissolved because Ken Owen suffered from a brain haemorrhage.



Promo 96[edit]

  1. Revolution of the Heart
  2. New Song
  3. Rock 'n' Roll Circus
  4. Don't Want to Talk Anymore
  5. Better the Devil
  6. Waste of Space
  7. Instrumental

Barbed Wire Soul (1997 Peaceville Records)[edit]

Japanese versions has 5 demo tracks and 3 cover versions as bonus tracks

  1. Game Over 4:02
  2. Smile 3:37
  3. Sound of Silence 3:44
  4. Rock 'n' Roll Circus 4:14
  5. New Song 3:54
  6. Give Up the Ghost 3:07
  7. Revolution of the Heart 4:02
  8. Waste of Space 3:50
  9. Deep Wound 3:09
  10. Better the Devil 4:40
  11. Instrumental 5:00

(The end of the song Instrumental is a quote from the movie From Dusk Till Dawn)

X (1998 CD VILE77)[edit]

Digipack 10 year anniversary release with cover tracks by Peaceville artists X cover

  1. Anathema - "One Of The Few" (Pink Floyd)
  2. Dominion - "Shout" (Tears For Fears)
  3. My Dying Bride - "Some Velvet Morning" (Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazlewood)
  4. My Dying Bride - "Roads" (Portishead)
  5. Anathema - "Better Off Dead" (Bad Religion)
  6. Thine - "Song Of Joy" (Nick Cave)
  7. Blackstar - "The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill" (Hüsker Dü)
  8. Acrimony - "O Baby" (Status Quo)
  9. The Blood Divine - "Crazy Horses" (The Osmonds)
  10. The Blood Divine - "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (Joy Division)
  11. Dominion - "Paint It Black" (Rolling Stones)
  12. Blackstar - "Running Back" (Thin Lizzy)
  13. Lid - "Don't Let Me Down" (The Beatles)
  14. Anathema - "Goodbye Cruel World" (Pink Floyd)

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