Infanta Branca, Lady of Guadalajara

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Infanta Branca
Lady of Guadalajara
D. Branca, Infanta de Portugal, Senhora de Guadalajara - The Portuguese Genealogy (Genealogia dos Reis de Portugal).png
Blanche of Portugal, in Antonio de Hollanda's Genealogy of the Royal Houses of Spain and Portugal (1530-1534)
Born c. 1192
Kingdom of Portugal
Died 17 November 1240
(aged 47–48)
Guadalajara, Crown of Castile
Burial Santa Cruz Monastery, Coimbra, Portugal
House House of Burgundy
Father Sancho I
Mother Dulce of Aragon
Religion Roman Catholicism

Infanta Branca of Portugal (c. 1192 – Guadalajara, November 17, 1240; Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈbɾɐ̃kɐ]; English: Blanche) was a Portuguese infanta (princess), eighth child of Portuguese King Sancho I and Dulce of Aragon. She was the feudal Lady of Guadalajara. Branca was co-founder of, and a nun at, the Dominican convent at Coimbra.[1] She is buried in Santa Cruz de Coimbra.